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Character overview thread

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 12:56 pm
by cxl
So, what’s this all about?

Well, I’m hoping to accomplish two things with this thread.

Firstly: To make it easier to picture the various characters of this RP. Sure, we have art, and various descriptions, but what are they actually like as people; what are the small mannerisms that define them, how do they move, how do they sound - that sort of thing (namely, the sort of things that would be annoying to have to state over and over in every RP, but that are still important parts of the character)

Secondly: To perhaps invite some discussion on and analysis of the characters - how do people other than their writers see them, etc. etc. The idea here would be to give the writers some feedback, so that they know if they’re achieving the effect they’d like, and so forth.

Now, how do we do this? Since it would be a little troublesome if everyone just rambled all over everyone else, I’d like to try and keep things orderly. So, for the sake of keeping this all somewhat manageable, I’m going to ask that we follow these guidelines:

  1. If you’re making a new post about a character of yours, make the subject “Overview: Charactername”
  2. If you’re posting to discuss an already-overviewed character, make the subject “Discussion: Charactername”
  3. If you’re just posting something else; thoughts, observations, rants, etc, make the subject “Off-topic” or “Off-topic: Reason”

I’ll go through this thread periodically and link to all the character overviews and discussions in the following post.

And with all that out of the way, go ahead, be productive, make merry, etc. etc. etc. (And I do hope this is actually useful, or else I’m going to end up wasting a lot of my time!)

Collected character overviews and discussions

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 12:57 pm
by cxl
These are all the overviews and discussions of characters so long. The links lead directly to the post in question.

Xiangdeng Tiandao

Suika Ibuki

Azami Zatsusei

Overview: Xiangdeng Tiandao

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 12:57 pm
by cxl
They say first impressions count for a lot, and I guess that’s true, but the first thing anyone’s going to notice about Tiandao is how exceedingly normal it looks - there’s nothing immediately obvious about it that marks it as a Youkai/Yaoguai, let alone one of the most powerful. At a brief glance, it seems a lot like a human - somewhat tall and slender, pale skinned, dark haired, but just a human, all the same. If anything, it’d take a few seconds to sink in that what you’re looking at is very much not human, as one looks closer and notices many subtle wrongnesses.

The is a very subtle irreality about the Yaoguai of Perspective. Probably the most notable of these, is what’s been called in RP a “hyper-reality aura” - looking directly at it, the surrounding world seems to be in sharper focus, over-saturated with colour, and with the contrast dialled up somewhat. It’s like going from SD to HD.

In contrast to this, Tiandao itself is strangely lacking in reality - it has nothing in the way of mannerisms or subconscious actions; doesn’t blink, doesn’t even seem to breathe. Unless it specifically chooses to move, it doesn’t move, standing perfectly still (often with its eyes closed and a faint smile on its face), more like a photograph than anything else. The only part of it that stands out are its eyes, although it rarely opens them - they’re a bright green, and while they don’t shine, seem to do so, colour bleeding into their surroundings. Although at other times, its eyes seem to be blank white. On the rare occasion that it smiles widely enough to show its teeth, a careful observer would notice that they’re a little sharper and more pointed than those of a human - a rather visible indicator of what it actually is.

When it speaks, its voice is light, smooth, and unhurried, with a slight sing-song quality to it, slowly rising and falling in pitch and cadence. There is a slight humour in everything that it says, which rarely disappears, and indeed, it almost never seems serious about anything, making it quite difficult to tell when it’s being sincere. It tends to give the impression of knowing more, a lot more, than it lets on, as well, as if it’s privy to all the secrets, and everyone else is a bumbling fool to be taken by the hand and led onward.


A few notes: I play Tiandao as a sort of enlightened trickster; probably not a character likely to develop much - it’s already done most of its developing. At this point, it contents itself with playing with others, but usually in a roundabout way helping them. It’s very much given to pick and prod at other people’s flaws, but this is usually done out of a sort of strange altruism.

I’ve already mentioned before on IRC, but there were several inspirations for the character of Tiandao - chief amongst them Gin Ichimaru from Bleach, and Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog, alongside various conceptions of sages and wise men. It’s not really “nice”, but it could probably said to be “good” in a larger cosmic sense.

It’s not a very overt character - even when exercising its extreme power, there’s very little to be seen; it’s all invisible forces and subtle alterations of the universe. The idea is to evoke a sort of low-key weirdness, to give the impression that just about everyone is somewhat out of their depth when dealing with it.

Overview: Suika Ibuki

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 5:33 pm
by Firefluff
(Well now, this is a rather good idea, cxl)

The first thing one might notice about Suika is that she looks to be somewhere from the age of 12-14, and for a Youkai that has existed well over 3000 years, this is very odd. Accompanying her appearance is a fitting personality set where she acts rather childish. This can mean she calls people strange things instead of their actual name, see: Birdie [Utsuho] Shop lady [Rosette]. It would be only people she knows as a little more than just an acquaintance that she calls by name. However, as a counter part to the childish personality set, she also has a critical, witty side, too. She shows this usually when dealing with more serious matters, or when dealing with people she finds rather unsavory. Sometimes even switching between the two sets haphazardly.

Now then, as an Oni, Suika drinks a ridiculous amount of sake each day, keeping her in a constant, intoxicated state; she is almost constantly swaying humorously to and fro, eyes half lidded, sometimes an occasional slur of speech. Her normal movements seem very clumsy, but this can, and often does, change in an instant to an attack or movement worthy of her age. Oddly enough to most people, this seems to have aboslutely no effect of her wits, still managing to keep up in bouts with Youkai far older than herself, see: Yukari, Tiandao. She rather likes the presence of these so-called Youkai Sages--even if their "back alley" methods get on her nerves from time to time. That said, she does appreciate people with a straightforward methodology and reliable honesty. She tends to seek these people out and spend time around them when she can, see: Reimu Hakurei.

To Suika, there is nothing better than drinking sake with somebody; she will often go out of her way to try to get somebody to have a drink with her--though the sake from the ibuki gourd is quite potent, leaving most unable to keep up with her in terms of alcohol consumption. She often uses sake as a sort of peace offering to people who may be hostile, figuring that they'll loosen up a bit and 'stop taking everything so seriously'. She can be rather whimsical at times, though she is usually kept in check by the Hakurei shrine maiden via Oni promises. It's not really too difficult to get her to make these, she sees them as a sort of game, trying to find ways around her promise (Which she cannot break due to an Oni's sense of honesty). This is also a reason for other Oni not liking her much.

Overall, Suika is a very laidback, casual person, much preferring drinking to conflict. However, she won't hesitate to point out any percieved flaws she may see in another individual; usually cowardice,dishonesty, or some form of unfairness. She is pretty friendly, even among those that are openly hostile towards her, so the threat of being attacked by her is pretty low. However, she will defend herself if necessary, so it's not a good idea to antagonize her too much.

Overview: Azami Zatsusei

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 7:45 pm
by NekomimiRex
Even at first glance, you can easily tell Azami isn't someone you would see in the human village. It doesn't wear any clothes, rather, it's covered in what looks like an attire of large leaves that cover the upper torso, sides, tailbone area, and shoulders. It also wears a crown of leaves on her head. Much closer inspection will reveal that these leaves are actually growing off of it, directly stemming off its skin. However, you'll have figured out it is a youkai long before you could get a look that close. You may even be seconds from death by that point (or seconds from killing it depending on who you are)!
(Note: this is provided Azami isn't undercover, as it can shed those leaves for grass, or cover everything in leaves if it wishes)

After the first glance, it becomes increasingly obvious Azami is a youkai, and a dangerous one at that. It's expression always seems to feature bared teeth, which are quite pointed, and its face only ever seems to be set to "evil grin" or "angry". Of course, it has other emotions, but those only seem limited to its friends (most of which are flora). It has a sort of inhuman cautiousness as well, never deviating too far from a battle-ready stance, never keeping its eyes focused on any one place. The tail it possesses is probably the most obvious indicator. It doesn't even look like an animal tail, rather a bunch of green-brown vines twisted together and ending in a pointed tip.

Azami takes a pretty aggressive attitude to just about everyone. It'll usually outright attack anything that looks human and unarmed if it has no other distractions. It's only slightly more reluctant to attack an armed human.
As for youkai, Azami doesn't like them either. If Azami hasn't been spotted, it'll try a few tricks to see how strong a youkai is before doing a course of action. Weak youkai are similarity attacked as humans, strong ones are likely to just be avoided.
If it has to confront a youkai first, however, it'll be much more careful. Most youkai are met with hostility anyway. The ones that look strong (or it is aware of the strength of) are met coldly but not intimidatingly so.
In general expect Azami to keep its distance to everyone it isn't trying to kill at first sight. It still keeps wary even if it has to "deal" with people, somewhat paranoid it could be attacked at any time... an attitude that keeps it (relatively) healthy in the youkai-infested woods.

Azami is extremely protective of its well-being and the well-being of the surrounding flora. If you mistreat plants in its vicinity, expect to get an unwelcome greeting from the plant youkai. Hostile reactions towards it will be of course met accordingly. If you're hostile and obviously stronger then it, it'll just run away, provided you aren't provoking it by burning down a forest or something.

In terms of actual conversation, Azami has a few distinctive qualities. Firstly, it has a rather poor grasp on language. It speaks in simple words, often having to enunciate long or new words. It only speaks in short bursts of broken speech as well, as it takes a long time to put words into phrases.
Azami speaks in a rather low-pitch voice, with a slight rasp to it. This makes its speech sound almost monstrous, rightfully so perhaps given its nature. Finally, Azami makes a lot of hissing noises when it talks, or just hisses in general to set a hostile or angry tone.

In general Azami is rather hard to deal with. It's most definitely unaccustomed to any sort of human standard of living, and in fact would probably loathe the idea. It greatly prefers the company of but itself and its floral friends, while hunting for meat and spreading the roots of its weed-laden garden, while plotting the downfall of the humans it so despises.

Azami may seem rather stupid with its poor grasp on speaking as well, but Azami can surprise people with its sense of cunning. It's willing to take any advantage it can get in hostile situations, employing the element of surprise, stalking, guerrilla tactics, using anything it can tendrils around as a weapon, and generally using whatever underhanded tactic to get an upper hand. Azami is crafty and not to be taken lightly, regardless of who you are.