The Fourth Deva of the Mountain

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The Fourth Deva of the Mountain

Postby Firefluff » Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:22 pm

It has been really bugging me lately that we don't even know who the 4th Deva is in regards to Touhou Canon. I've been looking through the actual legend, and it seems there are two possibilities for the 4th Deva (Since Suika, while not actually a Deva in the original legend, has taken a Deva spot in Touhou canon). The two are: Kanakuma-douji, and Torakuma-douji. Now, since it seems to me that it is unlikely for the 4th Deva to actually make an appearance in Touhou canon, that an OC needs to be made. At least, if the actual Deva system is to work properly. You can't exactly have a 4 person system with only 3 people, after all. So, I would like to ask for someone to make an OC for the 4th Deva. If anybody wants to do something like that, they should talk with myself or Kasen about Deva canon.
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Re: The Fourth Deva of the Mountain

Postby NekomimiRex » Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:59 pm

Touhou has loads and loads of characters, it wouldn't surprise me if a 4th Deva was eventually made. I don't see reason to have a 4th one anyway. I doubt you would be making a fuss if this was pre-WaHH Touhou, anyway. There are plenty of reasons you could handwave the 4th one not being present or known.
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