The Characters That Need to be Taken

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The Characters That Need to be Taken

Postby Firefluff » Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:20 am

So, there are characters that exist in canon that we don't have, but should since they would have something to contribute to current plots, future plots and so on. There are also those characters that are connected in some way to existing characters on EoP, but no one plays them. Here is a list of both those sets of characters. You people who only have a small number of characters should be reading this and hopefully making an application for the characters that we are missing.

Priority Characters:

Aya Shameimaru, Komachi Onozuka, Kasen Ibara, Yuugi Hoshiguma, Kanako Yasaka, Mononobe no Futo, Seiga Kaku, Eirin Yagokoro.

We really, really need these characters, they are sort of important for various reasons. If possible, take these characters before you take any other characters.

Secondary Characters:

Benben Tsukumo, Yatsuhashi Tsukumo, Hatate Himekaidou, Captain Murasa, Nitori Kawashiro, Tewi Inaba, Iku Nagae, Mugetsu, Kyouko Kasodani, Letty Whiterock, Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire.

If you absolutely cannot take one of the priority characters for some reason, consider taking one of these ones instead, please.

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