[Nomadic Pact] Felicia Alafare

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[Nomadic Pact] Felicia Alafare

Postby Plushy » Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:56 am


Name: Felicia Alafare
Nickname: Lis, Leece
Age: 29

Faction: Nomad

Gender: Female


Born into the Nomadic Pact during a cold winter night out in the warlands, Felicia had been taught the life and ways of the Nomads for as long as she can remember. When she was a girl, she spent her time between carrying baskets of scrap material, and watching as her elders put them together into more useful items, ranging from basic tools to the golems that now walk beside her in the tribe.

As a child, she was drawn to building things with her hands, starting with the simplest of goggles, and slowly working her way up. The elders of her tribe quickly saw her knack for the job, quickly accelerating her learning pace, placing her with the older children as they learned how to build golems and weapons- two of the hallmarks of the Nomads as a whole. She grew to be a very accomplished machinist and weaponsmith within the Nomadic Order, her knack for Golemancy giving her great strides forward in her lessons and tests.

However, life with the large tribes proved not to be for her. It grew boring, moving from ruin to ruin, building golems. She approached the elders, and with their blessings, struck out with two other Nomads in tow, searching for new hauls.

When she left, she was granted the honor of carrying one of the radios that allows the Nomad’s to live as they do, as well as a rudimentary transport golem that had been re-purposed to carry the materials they may find, and a single security golem of her own design.

At the young age of 20, Felicia struck out from the relative safety of her tribe, living off the land and trading with settlements, towns, villages, and even the occasional city if she were lucky enough to be allowed entry. However, the warlands are an unforgiving place. A few years down the line, after an encounter with a man claiming to be a spirit farmer, who would more accurately be described as a bandit, she had the misfortune of sustaining serious injury to her arm, and the death of one of her traveling companions.

Felicia knew she had to do something. Her battle golem was trashed, immobilized and damaged beyond their ability to repair, especially with her arm as it was, and her companion suffering from an infection from his own wounds. With the nearest salvaging party a few days out, she knew she had to do something.

“I’m sorry, Rusty.” she muttered as she pet her golem’s head. Most would see a golem as nothing more than a tool, but Felicia had poured everything she had into the golem beneath her, and now it was time to say good bye. After a moment, she shut the golem down, removing its power core as she was forced to remove the arm from the machine, placing it atop the transport golems satchel, as to use it later.

Her companion was not well enough to perform the grafting, and Felicia had to remove her heavily damaged right forearm. Unable to do it herself, she wedged her axe blade into the foot of the pack mule golem, before placing her arm under it and telling it to step down with all its weight.

Felicia blacked out from the pain and shock, and when she finally came to, she was tied to the back of a transport golem, a raging fever burning her head. She had made it through the worst of it, and now it was just a matter of surviving what was to come.

For the next several months, she had to make due with a jerry rigged prosthetic that many nomads are made to wear until they can make a better one. Crafted from crudely welded together rebar, with faintly glowing disks functioning as the joints in her wrist and fingers, she worked. To earn her keep, she would maintain the golems back at the tribe she was brought to, working at a constant pace, slowed only by the clumsy nature of her new hand.

After a time, she had finally gotten the materials she needed, and the raw spirit required, to repurpose and attach a part of Rusty’s arm to herself. With the assistance of the sages and healers, she melded the attachments to her own body- something the esteemed Warchief had given all of the Nomads the technology and magic to do so. With the mountings fitted, it was a matter of letting them heal, and attaching the limb. It went easily enough, though she still does occasionally fumble with the arm, refusing to replace it all at once, instead upgrading it as time allows.

Nearly two years after her accident, Felicia left the tribe that had taken her in, rejoining her original tribe as they came near each other. Even despite the chastising of her own elders and friends, she was welcomed back with open arms. After a while, she struck out again, this time with only two golems by her side, explaining her reason for doing so as not wanting to lose any more of her people to the warlands. She was given permission after undergoing the training deemed required by the elders, learning how to fight with the axe that had, those several years ago, taken her hand from her. In addition, she was taught some different magics officially, specifically the art of imbuement, either by inscribing the runes the Nomadic peoples had found into items, or by channeling raw energy into an item, leaving a conduit for it to leave after an impact.

As she roamed the warlands, she avoided the areas she had learned were common ambush grounds for raiders, slowly making her way back to where she had done the act of removing her arm. When she arrived, she saw the withered husk of her faithful golem, overgrown as nature tried to reclaim it. She spent a few days there, taking parts from Rusty, eventually taking its head from the half-buried body, which she keeps a small piece of as a memento.

She wanders the warlands now, salvaging and trading as she goes, relaying information back to the rest of the Nomads. She hears over the radio stories told of her, some of the other Nomads having taken to calling her the “Solitary Drifter.” Not a false statement of her, for certain. She rarely met face to face with other Nomads, either as a deep seated sense of guilt for the loss of two people under her charge, or simply because she’s too busy to do so.

She spends her days going from place to place, never spending more than a week in one location as she finds new people to trade with, occasionally taking payment to ferry messages across the Nomadic Pact’s radio system, though usually simply trading tools and materials for food and water.


Felicia is loyal to her people, always placing them before her own whims. However, even despite this fierce loyalty, she refuses to allow other Nomads to risk their lives wandering with her, the loss of her two traveling companions in the past weighing too heavily on her to risk happening again.

Smart, cheerful, and energetic, Felicia is always busy with something, ranging from simple tweaks and maintenance on her mechanical hand or traveling companions to negotiating the next trade.

She’s somewhat eccentric after her years wandering alone, owing to the occasional spans of months where her only contact with humanity comes from the radio on her back.


Felicia builds friendships in every town she visits, starting the foundations of commerce with the whole of her people with those who may otherwise be unwilling to trade with them. However, despite this, she doesn’t have many companions in the world.

Sparks: The battle golem she built to accompany her into the world, it proves as a faithful companion and source of security.

Faithful: The golem given to her to carry her supplies, Faithful often can be seen next to Felicia, where she can keep an eye on the source of her livelihood.

Cariyana Kuraiyarrati: A well regarded sage and elder of her group, the comparatively ancient youkai was responsible for some of her upbringing and training. On a few occasions, Felicia will stop by to visit her.


Felicia’s battle golem, it's built to take a beating and keep going. Lined with thick metal plates to protect his inner workings, and armed with razor sharp steel claws, in addition to a few single-shot firearms. Nothing to ignore in a fight, as it's machine strength can easily outperform any normal human, and give some more mystical beings a run for their money.

Felicia herself tends to rely on Sparks to fight for her, though she isn’t defenseless. In close quarters, she makes use of an enchanted axe, fashioned from welded rebar and a large saw blade, ground down to a razor edge. While she’s not proficient enough to take on multiple opponents, the axe leaves a nasty bite, imparting a large electrical shock to anything unfortunate enough to feel the bite of its blade.

Her prefered means of combat is to use Sparks as a distraction while she gets a vantage point so she can make use of her magitech assisted pneumatic rifle. While not as powerful upfront as a firearm, the wide spread of available munitions allows her to fire anything that can fit in the chamber. The standard ammunition is various ball bearings made of steel, often just the metal itself. She does, however, have access to a few magical munitions, enchanted bullets, so to speak. (electrical, explosive, and knockout.)

If unarmed, her robotic arm was once attached to a battle golem not too dissimilar to Sparks, giving it the durability to absorb impacts, and the strength to fight back with it. While only half of the arm is mechanical (cutting of right at the elbow), the grip strength and metal construction still gives it use as a weapon.


The goggles Felicia wears are made from the head of Rusty, to serve as a memento from the time.
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