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DrabberRogue Application

Postby DrabberRogue » Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:55 am

How did you discover Edge of Perspective?

Once upon a time I had a craving to roleplay within the setting of Touhou. Upon searching the browser known as "google" for such a thing, I was surprised to note that there were many such things in existence. The first one didn't really click with me, so I moved to the second. This strange entity that called itself "Edge of Perspective" possessed an intricate lore/canon with a wiki that seemed to have the quality of constantly expanding and even a tolerance and encouragement of OC's. These traits exceeded even my expectations of what I might find and effectively sealed my interest in EoP.

When did you discover Touhou?

Oh dear...this is an embarrassing story...no, not like that! Anyways my trail to discovering Touhou began about three years ago as I was randomly surfing youtube and watching random videos. Luckily I didn't end up any place too traumatizing and instead wound up watching random Stepmania videos. My journey towards discovering Touhou began here when one of these videos was to the tune of "Night of Nights" which then eventually led me on a trail to one to the tune of "Bad Apple", which I found to be a good song. In fact, I found it so good that I began listening to it outside of that random Stepmania video. However, Bad Apple did not lead me to Touhou (rather embarrassingly, I thought "Touhou Project" was a music group...) until about a year later. At which point my curiosity led me to observe a video of the extra battle of EoSD against Flandre, wherein the player played as Marisa. This then led me to observe a 3d animation of this duel, then to the Touhou Wiki to learn what it is, then to a lets play of EoSD, then to download it to try for myself. And thus I discovered Touhou.

Who is your favorite Touhou character?

My favorite Touhou character is *drumroll* Marisa Kirisame. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, although it is the least important reason, is that Marisa is one of the first two characters I was ever made aware of. In addition to this, she was also the first character I ever played as, preferring her over Reimu. I like Marisa's tomboyish and adventurous personality and I've always enjoyed reading her dialog (is it bad that I can quote her in most situations?). From a game play perspective I prefer Marisa's speed and power in combat (not to mention Master Spark) and I very much prefer playing as her over Reimu. Marisa's entire approach to combat almost perfectly fits the one that I use when playing video games, speed and power, so she's actually the perfect character for me to play as (game wise). As to her personality, it's interesting to me how she hides her obvious intelligence behind this facade of "obliviousness" and I simply find her dedication and ingenuity in magic fascinating. Within rpg video games I tend to almost always play as some sort of magician or spellsword, generally focusing on power and speed while almost completely ignoring defense. I've always found fantasy magic to be interesting and characters who spend a lot of time studying and improving their magic have always "clicked" with me. This combined with Marisa's adventurous personality and attitude have led her to be my favorite Touhou character by several light years, a title she is likely to hold till my cognitive ability ceases.

If you could RP as any Touhou Character, who would it be and why?

I would probably choose to RP as Alice Margatroid. Although Marisa is very much my favorite character, I would simply have trouble playing someone with such an extroverted personality. Alice, on the other hand, is more introverted-ish. This makes her a bit easier for me to play her while her actual personality is different enough to make her fun to play. Combat wise, Alice has one essential part of combat styles that I like using that Marisa sometimes lacks, strategy. Alice isn't as fast or strong as Marisa, but she possesses a preference of beating her enemies through strategy, a preference we share. All of these things combined effectively make Alice my preferred canon character to RP.

Do you understand that this community is intended to be of a respectable quality?

I do, and as a matter of fact that is one of the many reasons I've chosen to apply for it. The entire community seems very friendly and helpful, and I'm very impressed with the standards that the community has set for itself.

As an individual, what do you intend to bring to the Roleplaying experience?

Well, for starters I intend to bring my own personality and ideas to the table, hopefully introducing interesting new ideas into the RP and maybe even enjoyment to my fellow RP-ers (is that a word?). I'm hoping that my character(s) might influence the EoP world in interesting/amusing ways that could allow for even more enjoyment and awesome RP-ness (definitely not a word) in the future.

Any information, past experiences, qualifications, notes, etc:

Experience: Every Friday I attend a tabletop roleplaying thing which is effectively the extent of my RP experience. This also means I probably won't be on most Fridays.

Note: I love video games, as such they eat up a lot of my time and will probably distract me from EoP.
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Re: DrabberRogue Application

Postby cxl » Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:04 am


(And yeah, "RP-ers" is a word)
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