Snowflames' Application

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Snowflames' Application

Postby Snowflames » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:41 pm

I seemed to have made a fool of myself during the first visit to IRC, so allow me to... ahem, clear the impressions. I've been using the Snowflames alias for a little over 3 to 4 years now. Casual name includes "Snow" and... that's about it. I'm a serious person in general, interested in intelligent and productive conversations but can tolerate silly outbursts (as long as it doesn't pollute the channel to the point where nothing gets done).
As for my real identity, I'm a person in the 20s and I have joined the workforce. I am fairly knowledgeable about computers and can do moderate amounts of IT support provided it's not a PEBKAC situation.

How did you discover Edge of Perspective?
Your reputation precedes you. I thought it may be a good place for me. Also I know a couple of people and they led me here.

When did you discover Touhou?
Since time immemorial--is what I would like to say. I've been aware of its existence since 2007. I didn't seriously get into TH until... 2010 ish?

Who is your favorite Touhou character?
Tough question. If I had to pick, Marisa. I like Patchy too. Because magic.

If you could RP as any Touhou Character, who would it be and why?
One tough question after another. I am generally better at playing serious, mature characters than childish, not-as-intelligent characters as the former class approaches my nature. So I suppose, in preferential order:
1. Marisa (because favorite is favorite)
2. Patchy (Again, because favorite is favorite)
3. Eirin (Serious, mature character #1.)
4. Seiga (Serious, mature character #2 but it allows me to be stupid when I feel like it... I guess...?)

Do you understand that this community is intended to be of a respectable quality?
This is part of its charm. So yes.

As an individual, what do you intend to bring to the Roleplaying experience?
I'm fairly sure I can meet or exceed the bar on quality here. Other than the bare minimum of "showing up on time and keeping promises to RP", I'm a decent plot maker, and I can play a variety of NPCs reasonably well.

Any information, past experiences, qualifications, notes, etc:
Resume available on request. But seriously, I'm preeeetty new to the RP scene--I used to (and still do, just with much lower output) write fiction as a hobby.
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Re: Snowflames' Application

Postby flarp22 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:56 pm

Going to make a comment that I like the fact that you have an interest in taking Eirin. Haven't had an Eirin here in a long while, and even then the person who had her only was temping her.
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Re: Snowflames' Application

Postby null » Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:48 am

Not sure whether I can do this or not, but there are no glaring issues with this. So...

"An honest scowl over a dishonest smile, expressive ranting over silent fuming; for if you let a person go on thinking they are pleasing you, then all they'll learn is how to annoy you more."


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