Orange - Canon - Complete (Tentative)

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Orange - Canon - Complete (Tentative)

Postby CrimsonInLightSnow » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:43 am

Orange - The Youkai That Represented Mutual Trust Between Youkai and Humanity

This is the tale of passing time, of evolution, and of the loss of ancient values. Have you ever heard of Gorgons? The feared creatures that had a gaze which could turn hapless fools into stone? Perhaps it would be easier if I mentioned a single name. Medusa. A tragic woman that was turned into a hideous monster on the whims of a jealous goddess. Or at least, that’s what the legends wish us to believe. Orange had borne many names during her long lived life, but one thing was consistent, she was an ancient youkai that was born from this revulsion of their species. A youkai that had embodied humanity’s fear of youkai, or more specifically, a fear of human interaction with youkai. Like the red goat of Christianity, or the man that bore the world’s evil, Orange had been the one that was forced to accumulate the irrational terrors of a floundering human race. However, Orange did not despise herself, nor did she have any ill will towards either race. In the end, Orange hadn’t really contemplated a different lifestyle, she had accepted who she was and her role in the world. She wholly believed that the gap between humans and youkai benefited both sides, as collusion would only lead to each side manipulating the other for their own needs. It was quite ironic really. Her role was to foster the hatred between youkai and humans, to maintain the cycle of birth of supernatural beings through human emotions, to ensure that youkai would continue to feast upon their creators, and for humans to hunt their creations in ignorance of their origins. It was a vicious circle that Orange had maintained since the beginning of her birth. Just as there was a careful balance of predators and prey in the natural ecosystems to prevent the entire chain collapsing, the conflict between human and youkai ensured that the human population would remain stable, and would maintain human consumption of their resources at a sustainable rate, ensuring the continued existence of both races.

Orange lived much of her life alone, choosing to reside in one of the local mountain caves. And from that outpost, she watched the humans and youkai below squabble and fight. She also gained knowledge of new things, such as fire, handicrafts, furniture, basic dressmaking and other things that made the home more comfortable. There were many times which she had failed, at one stage, almost set herself on fire as she tried to imitate the flint and steel. But she had millennia of time to fix her mistakes and nothing much else to do, she gradually learned how to work many mediums using her two hands. There were times where a human’s actions puzzled her, and she would observe them for an extended period of time. She had once watched a tanner go about his work, placing skins out to dry, not knowing why he did not eat it. She watched him repeat the same process over several months, and she had imitated him. Like before, she was foolish and naïve, and first let out fresh meat to dry. It was assaulted by a wave of flies and insects by the time she brought it back in. It took several failed attempts, and eventually, she left out the skin of the deer she had caught, and it dried into workable leather which appeared to match that which the man had made. Being quite fond of it, Orange hung it up on the wall of her cave, and would stroke its surface every now and then.

Her life wasn’t always peaceful, there were innumerable times when the odd brave human soul would attempt to take her life. And in many instances she would petrify the leader, and allow the rest to run back to their homes, to spread rumours and tales of fear. There were occasionally a few which made it past her first onslaught, and Orange saw it fit to reward them with a small illusion of them slaying the supposed beast. After all, they were doing exactly as they should. But for the many that were the scapegoats for their race, she picked up their arms, and made many small graves in the woods near her cave, respecting each individual that lost their lives to maintain the balance.

For humanity began to move away from tales of youkai and of mysticism. Instead, they grasped onto technology, worshipping it much like they had once revered and respected gods and deities of times old. The birth of more powerful weapons of mass destruction, and the rapid desire to own and to possess surpassed her expectations, as resources began to quickly dwindle in the face of a rushing onslaught of capitalism and secularity. The passing of time led to the birth of many new youkai, borne from fresh fears and superstitions. And with each growing day, the fear that she represented began to grow dim, and she weakened, her once significant powers began to wither till she was no stronger than the average youkai, no, with her inexperience, she’d be weaker than them. She had heard of the term “changing with the times” but this was just ridiculous. Being trapped in this insubstantial body, her powers practically all but lost, she couldn’t even be considered a shadow of her former self. The only thing she fully retained where her memories of grandeur, of an age long past and the skills which she had honed. At the same time, another source of sustenance was born within her, one that she, at first, had intensely loathed, represented the exact opposite of what she had represented. Yes, in a world that had forgotten their fears of an unseen race of fantastic creatures lead the birth of a new wave of belief that, to her dismay, would endure. The desire to meet with youkai, and the desire to interact and befriend youkai. Desires of a now ignorant race, yet whose powers could not be denied.

Seeking to regain her past powers, Orange fled to Japan, where a great battle erupted between humans and youkai, the only place left in the world which still acknowledged their existence and their supposed threat to humanity. The only place left in the world where Orange could seek to regain her power, and hopefully overturn the opinions of the masses before the humans destroyed the world they lived upon. But her ambitions were cut short, as the very place they battled upon was sealed away, and they no longer stood in Japan, but now in the Illusionary Eastern Wonderland called Gensoukyou.

Now within a pocket dimension which displays both sides of the concept she embodies, Orange is now at a turning point. Will she continue to work as she had before, to push humans and youkai apart, or will she walk along the newly opened path that was born as a result of the changing masses? Taking advantage of Gensoukyou’s isolation from the outside world, Orange set out to perform a social experiment, one that would determine whether or not this plane would survive humans and youkai working in unison.

And so she set out, seeking to test her theory with no plans or preparations. This time she would not seek to petrify the humans she encountered, nor would she leave them with tales of terror and fear. No, this time, she would try to build up relationships between the two races. Little did she expect to be faced with two young highly skilled humans who quickly defeated her without a second thought. The entire ordeal brought back memories of her past, which almost made her want to throw away the entire pointless experiment and resume her life of solidarity. However, her desire to engage in social contact won over her, and taking that loss to heart, she continued her quest, to re-educate both the world and herself.

Likes and Dislikes



Favourite food:
Least Favourite food:

Most Prized Possession (important or emotional value):

Personality: Still quite uncomfortable with her new role, Orange is awkward and unnatural in her attempts to strike up conversation with others, and she can be at times be seen as irritating as she fails to notice when she has overstepped a line until it is too late. Considering that much of her life revolved around doing precisely the opposite, it is not difficult to see how Orange can be socially inept at times. However, what Orange lacks in social skills, she makes up with her centuries of knowledge, and a critical view of the races as a whole. Orange is inexperienced and is used to doing things on her own, so she can often make quick decisions with the few topics that she is familiar with. However, she is poor at planning ahead, for she has never actually needed to plot and plan out events. She also finds herself accidentally upsetting people because she has yet to learn the underlying emotional factors that may drive an individual. Orange knows how to instil hate and revulsion through her words, but finds it difficult to achieve the converse.

Character behaviour:
Positive characteristics: Orange has a tendency to be honest to a fault, and when she does lie, she is woefully obvious about it. She almost never asks people things with an ulterior motive, and in the cases where she does, she’s very upfront about what she wants.
Negative characteristics: She is very curious about things that she lacks knowledge of, and doesn’t know when to reign in her curiosity until it’s too late. She also believes any information given to her as truth, unless she already knows that it’s false. She is weak to verbal manipulation.

Vernacular (way of speaking):
Social and other pressure, problems:

Psychological condition:
Beliefs, superstition, moral value:

Relationships (with who and what kind):



Fighting Info/Battle Details
Orange has been weakened severely by her shift in alignment. She no longer possesses the full extent of her powers that had once allowed her to maintain the balance of distrust between humans and youkai. Now trapped within an endearing body, she was forced to fall back to the basics of danmaku and manipulation of her raw power, two attributes that she had rarely used in the past, an indication of her reliance on her previous ability to petrify at a mere glance and the illusions she cast while she was out and about which made anyone who saw her see the most repulsive thing they could imagine.

She is a poor fighter, for she lacks the combat experience that many other youkai who survive on natural instinct have.

Fighting Style:


Battle Quotes:

General Abilities:
~Name –
~Element Type –
~What it does –
~Conditions for use (if any) –
~Effect Level –

Special Abilities:
~Name –
~Element Type -
~What it does –
~Conditions of use (if any) –
~Effect Level –

Other Skills
~Name – Tolerance of Pain
~Skill Type – Body
After many failed attempts at a variety of physical jobs, such as handicrafts and wood working, Orange has become accustomed to the notion of pain, able to shrug off hitting her finger with a stone hammer or being gored by a rampaging boar which she failed to capture the first time round. This is in part due to her youkai constitution, though being exposed to pain a fair bit has been the major factor.

~Name – Higher Dexterity
~Skill Type – Body
As a result of all of her small hobbies that she’s accumulated, Orange is highly skilled at using her hands. She is also able to multitask well and perform multiple simple tasks without making a mistake.

~Name – Youkai Regeneration
~Skill Type – Racial
As a youkai of some power, Orange possesses higher than average regeneration compared to most typical youkai. However, she has a weaker constitution compared to most youkai, and her body tends to react less favourably to solid impacts when compared to normal, feral youkai.

~Name – Trust Gauge
~Skill Type – Unique
As a part of her concept, Orange is able to gauge the amount of trust that exists between two individuals or groups. She has never thought about using it to her own ends before, she only unconsciously relies on it when she gauges that a conversation between herself and another has turned for the worse, and at that stage, Orange quickly excuses herself from the conversation.

~Name – Mystic Eyes of Petrification (Weakened)
~Skill Type – Gaze
At the peak of her power, Orange was able to use this power to petrify any human being that ventured too close to her humble abode, however in her weakened state, the most she is able to do with it is cause a human to temporarily stop in their tracks for about a second.

~Name – Aura of Revulsion (Weakened)
~Skill Type – Aura
At the peak of her power, this ability allowed her to twist the senses of any that looked upon her to perceive her as the most repulsive thing imaginable to that individual. It did not matter if it was youkai or human, though beings with experience and/or magical ability could push the aura aside. As each individual has their own opinions on what is repelling to them, it often leads to inconsistencies in eye-witness reports. In its weakened state, it is only capable of creating a localized grey haze which manifests itself around her when she is feeling irritated and/or angry.
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