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JianWen: Yukari Yakumo | Canon

Postby JianWen » Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:54 am

Perhaps this is done? Perhaps not? Changes will be made. Fate will tell. Let us see.

Yukari Yakumo


Age: around 12,000 years

Gender: Female

Species: Non-documented

Yukari Yakumo, an one-of-a-kind youkai born at the birth of the Jomon Period. A time when both man and youkai were still in their infancy.

The youkai presently known as Yukari used to be a human, born into a tribe of hunter gatherers that had recently crossed over from what is now Korea and onto the island of what is now Japan. They traveled the lands, hunting animals and gathering what edible vegetation they could find. With the absence of an abundance of animals, this tribe attempted to settle down and become an agricultural society. Among them was a girl who would become one of the most powerful youkai in Gensoukyou. At the time she was known as "Dreamer."

Dreamer had a wild and intense curiosity, always skipping out work and leaving the settlement to go explore. Many a times, her little trips were cause her trouble as the girls were expected to help harvest and gather food just like all others. Wild wheat, berries, nuts, and other vegetation made up the majority of the human diet at the time so for someone to skip work was a major problem to the settlement.

It was almost routine. During the day she would run into the woods and explore the wild lands with one or two of her older brothers chasing not far behind. Always running but stopping just long enough for her pursuers to catch up. She knew the dangers of going out into the wild lands alone and wouldn’t risk leaving the settlement without her father noticing her gone and sending someone after her. At night, she would come back to what seemed like hours of scolding and perhaps sent to bed without dinner. However Dreamer didn't care, the beckoning call of the unknown was too much for her to resist.

There would always be new places for her to explore. Secret spots hiding breathtaking views of the landscape. One of her favorite places was a small and secluded spring that wasn’t too far off from the settlement. The spring gushed out from underneath a large rock where at night, Dreamer would sit upon and gaze at the moon and stars. Dreaming… Dreaming… About one day when she would be able to reach the moon.

Dreamer would always enter a trance when admiring scenes of where two different things met. Where the sky meet the mountains. The water meets the earth. Man meets their fears… The instance and moment, when and where two meets. Together and yet not together, separated by a boundary. Her hands would unconsciously reach out toward this boundary, never being able to grasp it. But she knew. And felt, that the boundary was there. She simply couldn’t grasp it yet.

Time passed and the settlement grew. A young couple had a baby boy, a joyous event in the settlement. Other tribes were encountered. Sometimes the encounters were peaceful, other times they were not. Trade between settlements were established. And with trade came tales and rumors of monsters that preyed on humans during the night. These tales spread quickly and died quickly, only to have new ones replace them the following winter. None of these mattered to Dreamer, until one such tale of someone seeing a rabbit on the moon.

On the night of a full moon, Dreamer stayed on her rock far past her time of rest. Her curiosity was piqued. She stared at the moon; wondering, admiring. The white moon, a place of such beauty and pureness. It seemed almost foolhardy for someone to not want to go there. The longer she watched the moon, the more the hands of grogginess tugged at her. Soon, she passed out where she was and went into a deep slumber.

The next morning, word had spread that Dreamer was a lady of the moon. A hunter returning to the settlement late at night said he saw a lady sleeping on a rock by a spring, basking in moonlight. After stopping to take another look, the scene had disappeared into the foliage. When she came back the next day, unharmed and untouched by the beasts that lurked the night, the hunter’s story and their beliefs only grew.
Dreamer refused to work and would always be seen staring at off into the distance. She would always be safe and well, despite her many ventures out into the wild lands. Even her father began to spread stories on how she was conceived on the night of a full moon and was visited by their ancestors. When an early raining season arrived, the stories spread like wildfire.

The other villagers began to treat her differently with a sense of awe and respect. People from far away tribes would sometimes travel to meet this “Lady of the Moon”. Local legends and myths sprung up about how the rabbit on the moon was actually her pet or a friend of hers, forever waiting on the moon, separated by various reasons. A border and impassable barrier between the Earth and Moon.

The attention annoyed her.

At the start of the raining season, people from all over once again gathered at her settlement. Bringing pots and fishes as offerings in hopes of receiving a blessing. Unable to bear the attention, she ran away toward the only place where she knew she could find seclusion. The spring.

The rain started as a light sprinkle but began to grow stronger the closer she got to the spring. By the time she arrived, the rain was pouring. She scaled the rock and lied upon it, looking up into the raining sky. Letting the rain wash away her worries.

Hearing the rustling of trees not far off, she stood up and made ready to flee. She would not have her only sanctuary be discovered. However the rain had made the rock wet and slippery. Upon trying to climb off, she lost her footing and fell just as the villagers broke through the tree line. She hit her head on a small jutting rock and fell into the spring. An act that would bring death to any human.

She watched. She watched the scene unfold just like all the other times before. She could see it. She could feel it. The boundary, between life and death. Once again, she reached out with her hand and grasped at it. She could feel it, there. Before she could only stare at this boundary and never reach it. But at that very second, that very moment. She was in the state, in the boundary between life and death.

Her hand grasped at it and pulled. The world turned upside down as everything became separated. Her vision became separated as she became caught in this ‘in-between’. She could feel it. The border between the gray clouds and trees, the borders between the rain droplets and the air around them, the boundary between her body and the damp earth. The world was not simply black and white, where everything existed in a special relationship of pairs. It was much, much more complex. She lied there, washed ashore some distance down the stream. Unmoving and uncaring, simply staring up at the raining sky.

It was all new to her. But she couldn’t understand it. The relations between things. She want to know, she wanted to understand. But she had to leave behind these restraints that kept her from understanding. She felt around, for the boundaries of her knowledge and understanding. In a single pluck, she removed it and felt the vast knowledge of what she saw pour into her mind.

Calculations upon calculations. She saw them, and could see the random algorithms behind the movement of every drop. She sat up and looked around, excited at her new view. Reaching out with her mind, she plucked the boundaries of sense of several things, eager to experiment and see what would be revealed to her.

What happened afterwards was almost too much for her to take. She could feel the flow of qi in the land, see the spiritual and the physical, the ways of the world. Slowly, bit by bit, she recovered from the sudden onslaught of sensations. She slowly came to the proper senses of where she was. It was dark, the skies were gray, and she was wet and cold. Longing for the golden rays of the sun, she felt around for the boundary between heat and its absence on her body as well as the golden rays. The cold vanished from her body and warmth spread throughout her limbs though no light could be seen.

Deciding that her knowledge of such things was still limited and risking tipping the balance of herself was too much, she stopped and returned to the settlement. Dreamer reached out and eased open the boundary of space between her location and the settlement before slipping through. She blinked in an amused surprise as several people fell to their knees when they saw her, muttering something about how she had revealed her true form. Those who didn’t simply dropped their tools and ran. Grinning, she scanned through the settlers until something strange caught her attention. She looked at a puddle somewhat close to her that showed her reflection. The color of her hair had changed from black to golden yellow.

Dreamer looked up again at the world. The rain was dying down and the clouds parted just the slightest bit, letting a single ray of light through. Things would never be the same for her.

Events Leading up to Present
-Events according to EOP wiki including events such as Yukari's involvement with the Hakurei and her pact with the Dragon God-
-Will be Elaborated-

Known for being very youkai-like, lazy, and simply wanting to enjoy life. Yukari is a cunning and whimsical youkai that has connections with many of the oldest inhabitants of Gensoukyou. Although wise, her word should only be taken lightly. Even to those she secretly care about, Yukari will keep up this side of her. Despite this, she will go through great lengths to help the ones she care for without being known or seen.

She rarely attacks humans, even those from the outside world. Despite this, she is still a very dangerous youkai and is not one to be taken lightly. Though, she is very hard to provoke and the most reciprocation one would receive is becoming a temporary plaything.

Yukari is known for being mostly unreliable in many cases mostly due to her innate laziness. Something that she has acquired over the millenniums she had been alive as the things she experiences become more and more routine. When she is awake, she prefers to remain in a playful and kidding manner rather than serious. Like some others, she prefers to toy with her opponents rather than use her full power from the start. Though if Gensoukyou itself is in danger under the whims or motives of another, she will not hesitate and respond with hostility. Even then, Yukari would probably not interfere directly and prefer to manipulate others into accomplishing her tasks.

Possesses great intellect and extraordinary calculation speed. Yukari is able to start and finish long and complex calculations in but a moment. An ability that she had passed on a bit to her shikigami, Ran. Her knowledge of the world stems from her natural keen observation of the world and avidness in Onmyoudo where one studies the way of the world and how it works. She possesses the skills and knowledge of Onmyoudo on a master’s level.

Powers: Manipulation of Boundaries
The power to manipulate boundaries is a powerful one, one that stems from deep within her past. This ability extends far and wide to both the physical and conceptual. Night and day, good and bad, inside and outside.

It is most commonly used in the forms of purple gaps. Sometimes there are ribbons on the end, other times it is full of eyes. Yukari is able to use these eyes for observation.
There are limits to this ability however. It is limited by space and time. Or rather, her ability to concentrate and focus on an expanse of space and time.

On a wide scale, she could influence and manipulate the boundaries in over a dozen flat, unobstructed, kilometers. Acts like traveling to Heaven through gaps by removing the boundaries between two different points in space would require several trips. Traveling to the moon through these gaps requires one to possess intrinsic knowledge of Onmyoudo, the phases of the moon, and the spiritual connections that ties the two planetoids together and is limited to very special moments in long periods of time.

Yukari is also tremendously strong physically, rivaling the onis in strength. It is near impossible to penetrate her body with swords or arrows. Even enchanted and blessed material have a hard time of harming her.

Spell Cards
(Will be worked on if required to change.)

    結界「夢と現の呪」 (Barrier "Curse of Dreams and Reality")
    結界「動と静の均衡」 (Barrier "Balance of Motion and Stillness")
    結界「光と闇の網目」 (Barrier "Mesh of Light and Darkness")
    罔両「ストレートとカーブの夢郷」 (Evil Spirits "Xanadu of Straight and Curve")
    罔両「八雲紫の神隠し」 (Evil Spirits "Yukari Yakumo's Spiriting Away")
    罔両「禅寺に棲む妖蝶」 (Evil Spirits "Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple")
    魍魎「二重黒死蝶」 (Sinister Spirits "Double Black Death Butterfly")
    式神「八雲藍」 (Shikigami "Ran Yakumo")
    「人間と妖怪の境界」 ("Boundary of Humans and Youkai")
    結界「生と死の境界」 (Barrier "Boundary of Life and Death")
    紫奥義「弾幕結界」 (Yukari's Arcanum "Danmaku Barrier")
    境符「四重結界」 (Border Sign "Quadruple Barrier")
    結界「魅力的な四重結界」 (Barrier "Charming Quadruple Barrier")
    式神「八雲藍+」 (Shikigami "Ran Yakumo +")
    境符「二次元と三次元の境界」 (Border Sign "Boundary Between 2D and 3D")
    結界「客観結界」 (Barrier "Objective Barrier")
    符の壱「四重結界」 (First Card "Quadruple Barrier")
    符の弐「八雲卍傘」 (Second Card "Manji-Parasol of Yakumo")
    符の参「八雲藍」 (Third Card "Ran Yakumo")
    外力「無限の超高速飛行体」 (Outer Force "Infinite Superspeed Flying Object")
    幻想「第一種永久機関」 (Phantasm "Perpetual Motion Machine of the First Kind")
    境界「永夜四重結界」 (Boundary "Quadruple Barrier of the Imperishable Night")
    「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」 ("Profound Danmaku Barrier -Phantasm, Foam and Shadow-")
    境符「色と空の境界」 (Border Sign "Boundary of Form and Emptiness")
    境符「波と粒の境界」 (Border Sign "Boundary of Wave and Particle")
    式神 「橙」 (Shikigami "Chen")
    幻巣 「飛光虫ネスト」 (Fantasy Nest "Flying Glow Worm's Nest")
    空餌 「中毒性のあるエサ」 (Aerial Bait "Laced with Venom")
    廃線 「ぶらり廃駅下車の旅」 (Abandoned Line "Aimless Journey to the Abandoned Station")
    光弾「ドップラーエフェクト」 (Photon "Doppler Effect")
    捌器「全てを二つに別ける物」 (Splitter "Thing That Splits All Into Two")
    空餌「狂躁高速飛行物体」 (Aerial Bait "Hyperactive High Speed Flying Object")
    「八雲の巣」 ("Yakumo's Nest")
    魔眼「ラプラスの魔」 (Magic Eye "Laplace's Demon")
    「不可能弾幕結界」 ("Impossible Danmaku Barrier")
    「運鈍根の捕物帖」 ("Casebook of Luck, Resilience and Perseverance")

(Relationships are to be worked on only is accepted. Will discuss and acquire consent from other players.)

- Hakurei Faction
- Personal Shikigami
- Netherworld Faction
- Underworld Faction
- Scarlet Devil Mansion Faction
- Bamboo Forest Faction
- Human Village Faction
- Hell Faction
- Forest of Magic Faction
- Others

Trivia / Notes / Other:

-Is not complete. This application only contains the basic necessities and gives the general idea and direction in where I'm taking this character to.
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