Sekibanki - WIP

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Sekibanki - WIP

Postby CrimsonInLightSnow » Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:30 am


Species - Rokurokubi
Nickname - The Rokurokubi Horror
Age - 200
Occupation -
Location - Human Village
Power - Ability to make her head fly
Theme- Dullahan Under The Willows
Danger Level - Low
Power Level - Low
Friendship Level - Low

"How ridiculous," Sekibanki murmured to herself as she tossed the newspaper back onto the table. Yet more tales of strange happenings and groundless rumors. "What a waste of time." However, as much as she hated to admit it, wasting time was precisely the point of her life at the moment. It has been a long time since she remotely enjoyed the trivial past time of scaring humans, and with the rise of the recent spellcard rules, their species as a whole was not longer met with the same fear as did other species with far more dangerous reputations. And so yet another day passed for the rokurobuki, uneventful and uninteresting. Yet, Sekibanki felt, it was special because of that. Rather than being chased around and forced to move every few weeks or so, Sekibanki was able to keep a home, however simple, and a place for herself. Not being chased around by other youkai who saw her little more than a human who's head could fly, nor being chased around with pitchforks and hoes just because her head wasn't on straight. As much as she would put on a prideful and arrogant attitude, it just went to show how accustomed she had become with this lifestyle.

Character History
A well known youkai from Japanese folklore, the species of the rokurokubi gained more power as their legends spread throughout the Orient as the 'hitouban' and even appearing in European folklore in a perverted form as the Dullahan. As a youkai native to Japan, Sekibanki was in Gensoukyou since it was established, and lived near the village during the early days of its settlement despite being in close proximity of youkai exterminators and warriors. As she did not age, Sekibanki was careful to change her appearance throughout the times, keeping up with the fads and customs of the village, while trying to keep her face concealed.

During the Miracle Mallet Incident, Sekibanki found herself filled with an uncharacteristicly aggressive desire to show her superiority towards humans, despite her race being a more focused on inducing fear and almost never actively attacking humans. However, the same could not be said for the legends of the dullahans which had come to corrupt her once pure legends, tales of headless knights attacking humans in search for their heads. Needless to say, she was put down quite easily by the incident resolvers. Thankfully, not many humans were out at that time, and for time being, her identity as a youkai is still a secret.

Prideful and stubborn, Sekibanki has a cynical view on life, yet at the same time unable to stop herself from immersing herself in the fads and gossip of the village, even resorting to scattering her heads to accumulating information and scandals at times. Whilst she may be loath to admit it, Sekibanki looks forward to reading the assorted scandals that Aya has a pechant of publishing, owning and maintaining a neat stack of Aya's newspapers in the corner of her home.

Sekibanki is actually a pacifist at the best of times, choosing to run rather than engage in combat. She wasn't really aiming to stand out in the village in the first place, and showing off how strong she was wasn't going to help her stay unimportant. However, like most other living organisms, she will fight if her life depended on it, often with unrestrained abandon taking full advantage of the information her multiple heads provide.

Sekibanki has the power to not only detach her head, but to multiply her heads, allowing her to create an onslaught of danmaku from many directions. Some of her spellcards make reference to the rokurokubi who's neck extends, creating a line of danmaku which links the detached heads to the main body, whilst others focus on that of the seperated head, of the nukekubi.

Along with the ability to attack with her heads, the information that is gathered by each head is processed simultaneously, and as each head is a physical entity, it can process all of the senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Unfortunately, this also extends to the sensation of pain.

Flight Sign "Flying Head"
Neck Sign "Close-Eye Shot"
Neck Sign "Rokurokubi Flight"
Flying Head "Multiplicative Head"
Flying Head "Seventh Head"
Flying Head "Ninth Head"
Flying Head "Dullahan Night"
Flying Head"Extreme Long Neck"
Glinting Eyes "Hell's Ray"
Flying Neck "Twin Rokuro Head"

Human Villagers - As a resident of the Human Village, she can be observed occasionally purchasing food and other daily necessities one a semi-regular basis.
Aya Shameiaru - An avid follower of the Bunbunmaru, Sekibanki is thankful towards Aya for producing such an interesting newspaper to whittle away the hours.
Sakuya Izayoi - The maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion which threatened to cut off her head.
Reimu Hakurei - The infamous shrine maiden who's home is overrun by youkai.
Everything Crumbles,Nothing Lasts Forever
The Cycle of Rebirth Grinds To A Halt
Time is Short,A Choice Is Made
The Present Sacrificed,The Past Retained
With these Hands,The Future Will Be Rebuilt
As The World Collapses Around Me
I Call,Sands Of Creation.

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