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Keine Kamishirasawa | Canon | WIP

Postby nyttyn » Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:54 am

Since kitty needs a human village representative, and since Murasa was only taking up space since Marine quit before we could do the things, this is now a thing.

Name: Keine Kamishirasawa
Gender: Female
Species: Were-hakutaku (Originally Human)

History: In the Human Village of Gensoukyou, there resides a teacher. Known as Keine Kamishairasawa, she has taught the children there for as long as anyone can remember. Standing fast as the village's guardian as well, she is adored by the children, and respected by the adults. However, the teacher does have another, darker side to her as well - namely, being half-human, half-youkai. A werehakutaku.

Many years ago, while the village came under attack, she came into battle with a particularly fierce Youkai. Be it by luck or by skill, the woman somehow managed to obtain the upper hand over the Youkai, and landed a decisive blow upon it, in the same moment it delivered such a blow to her. Having suffered mortal wounds, and with its dying breath, it cursed her. Infused with the essence of a Youkai herself, she very nearly went on a rampage, only barely brought back to her senses by the horrified reactions of her fellow villagers. Retreating from the village, she returned a week later, seemingly in control of herself once again.

In many ways, that event had changed Keine. Her hair had gained blue highlights, she gained the power to conceal history, and became much more powerful. Due to the last fact, she became the guardian of the human village, keeping the Youkai of Gensoukyou at bay.

Many years have passed since that day. Though villagers are still lost, here and there, for the most part the fatality rate has drastically decreased. All thanks to the ever-vigilant watch guard. She even established a school ten years ago. Universally loved by the human village, one could think of no better guardian.

Rather a shame her critics and troublesome individuals wind up vanishing before she can talk some sense into them.

Personality: While strict in her teachings, Keine is perhaps the most trustworthy and dependable individual in Gensokyo. For humans, at least. For youkai...well, so long as they don't cause trouble, they will be tolerated. She is fiercely protective of her students, but also quite expecting of them - for any who forget their homework, a fearful punishment awaits.

Manipulation of History

Keine possesses the ability to manipulate history. While a human, she is capable of devouring it, making it seem as if it had never happened (with both memories and recorded history alike rewriting themselves to work in spite of the devoured events until she restores said events). However, while a Hakutaku, she can rewrite history entirely - though, due to the butterfly effect, she claims to rarely, if ever, use this ability.

It is, of course, lucky for the human village that Keine is the one to have this power, as a Youkai could easily abuse it.


Keine is cursed to, once per month, transform into a Youkai upon the night of the full moon. Though she can turn into her Hakutaku form at will, she staunchly refuses to do so, save for when the light of the full moon approaches. Even then, she locks herself in her room, or goes to the bamboo forest of the lost - so diligent is she in avoiding the human village at this time, that no resident of the human village can recall ever having seen Keine in what is occasionally dubbed her Ex form. Quite diligent with her powers indeed.

Mokou Fujiwara - Friends.


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