Hiromiko the pyromaniac

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Hiromiko the pyromaniac

Postby CrimsonInLightSnow » Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:55 am

Age - Eternally 10
Species - Fire Fairy
Occupation - Setting things on fire for the fun of it.
Theme - "Burn" Ellie Goulding, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-2Ld5r51WE
Hatsune Miku version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-2Ld5r51WE

Power - Creation and danmakufication of small flames, using exploding danmaku.

Home - A small rocky cove near the Misty Lake that is scarred by the smell of gunpowder and of burn marks. There's a decent collection of stolen fireworks hidden underneath a large skin of a boar she stole from the village that she also uses as a carpet.

Background - Hiromiko was a relatively old fairy compared to the others. For starters, she'd died quite a few more times than the other fairies, most of them self inflicted as she experimented with her rather limited powers. A lot of the time it meant setting herself or the room she was in on fire. Which was probably why she lived in a rocky area next to the misty lake. They were rather hard to set alight after all.

Not quite content with the level of pranking she was capable of, while it could be absurdly destructive at times, such as the time she set the grain in the village's storage vat on fire, she felt that it wasn't pretty enough. Fire's reds and oranges were nice to look at, admittedly, but her danmaku was also red and it tended to get boring after a while. After watching the strange red white human and the local bully of the lake, Cirno, battle it out in brilliant colour and design over the Misty Lake, the little fairy couldn't help but feel quite jealous.

After another day's hard work at being a master arsonist (she had set fire to the tail of one of those rabbits in the bamboo forest, much to her satisfaction), she came across a beautiful blue flame, just burning all by itself over a small swamp that was quite a ways off from anywhere in particular. Why she came here was unknown even to her. Maybe it was her highly honed senses with regards to fire. Or the strange smell. Not that she really cared. The fire was blue and it was pretty. That's all that really mattered. And so she camped by the fire, basking in its beautiful light, tossing in a few red flames of her own and watched the colourful display. After a while, though, the swamp stopped emitting its blue flames, and after several attempts to ignite it again, to little effect, Hiromiko begrudgingly departed for her home.

It was quite the time later before she would be exposed to that which would become her individual defining characteristic. Fireworks. Beautiful explosions dancing across the night sky. The intensity of heat of each projectile as they rocketed into the night sky. The fairy was captivated. If only she could get her hands on those things! And that's exactly what she did. She broke into the storage vat and scampered off with several fireworks, making several trips. The fireworks the next evening were less than spectacular, so many fireworks the fairy had made off with. However, as it was the first time she'd ever seen them up close, she accidentally destroyed herself, half her home, and her entire reserve of fireworks that she had stolen that evening when she set the entire firework alight. She learned from her mistake that time. After surveying the damage, after she had gotten past the whole fact that her home was more or less uninhabitable, she had to admit that what she saw, just before her whole body was set on fire at least, was quite pretty. And if the damage to her home said anything, quite strong too. She had found a winner! And so, the fairy made it a habit, every time the humans had a festival, Hiromiko would stop her arsonist tendencies and visit the human village, hoping to steal more fireworks for her armoury.

Hiromiko might be more experienced than other fairies, but her mentality is still that of a child. She has a great love of pranks and can be distracted with food, glittery objects or Cirno. As a fire centric fairy, she is naturally attracted to heat and fire, and can often be seen huddling in her home around a small controlled bonfire. She has a soft spot for tayoaki and other foods commonly sold at human festivals.
When she is not being an arsonist, Hiromiko has an avid interest in collecting leaves. Particularly, red maple leaves found around Youkai Mountain. She quite likes the colour, and is one of the few things she enjoys without it needing to be on fire.

Powers - Short Ignition
Hiromiko has the ability to create a small hot flame in any region within 10 meters of her. The flame can be simply left there and be allowed to spread on its own, however, if an object is particularly hard to burn, for instance... wet objects, Hiromiko can sustain the flame at a particular point for as long as she wants. She can only create one flame at a time, and if she is focusing on one area, she is unable to target other objects. There's nothing restricting her from making more fires once the first one is burning well on its own, however.

Stolen Fireworks – Hiromiko has a considerable collection of fireworks of various types and shapes, though the ones she's most familiar with are the traditional rocket fireworks. She also owns zigzagging fireworks, scattering fireworks (The ones that release a great number of sparklers in all direction, which all can set fire to something) and even managed to nab the star of one of the festivals, a medium sized 9 barrel fireworks launcher that was set off away from the main site of the fireworks. Apparently there were 3 other ones of these set in places around the village at the time of the festival so that it could create a prettier pattern.
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Re: Hiromiko the pyromaniac

Postby Firefluff » Thu Aug 21, 2014 4:17 am

I have one concern regarding the backstory. Getting away with a few fireworks would be one thing, but the village is fairly well defended. How would you not get caught? Secondly, the power and personality section are... quite barebones. I know she's a fairy and all, but still. So... yeah, look into that.

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