Ringo - The Gouging Stampede (WIP)

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Ringo - The Gouging Stampede (WIP)

Postby CrimsonInLightSnow » Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:55 pm

Ringo – The Gorging Stampede

Gender: Female
Age: 300
Location: A small log cabin near the Youkai Forest.
Ability: The Power to Stampede Over Anything

Race: Wild Boar Youkai
Occupation: Travelling Gourmet
Current Information
“Bah, mushrooms again?” Ringo couldn't help but give a grin when she heard one of the younger boars complain about their meal for the day. After all, she did much the same thing in the past. Maybe he'd follow the same path as her as he grew up. Ringo slowly stood up, not caring about the dirt that covered the seat of her pants as she looked around the area. A place of memories. A place of transformation. A place where she knew better than any other.

A couple of hundred years ago, she was like the boars that surrounded her. A simple beast that thought only of finding enough food to survive the next day. Scavenging and roaming, her group would move from area to area, finding food. She was explicitly told by her elders to never eat everything. “You must leave some behind for the other animals,” they would tell her. And that was enough, she never questioned her way of life. Until one day, the hunters came. Armed with bows and spears they hunted down some of her horde. Her elders refused to go back and save the injured, and only urged the horde to hasten their escape. While the other boars heeded their advice, whether it was because of experience or just blind loyalty, she had, in her naivity, attempted to take the hunters head on. Charging right at them, she made an easy target, and found herself struck in the forelimb with an arrow.

Surprised at the pain, she had limped away, far away, seperating herself from her horde, till she found herself in the middle of a clearing. Out of energy, and with blood still trickling from her injury, she had eventually fallen asleep.

Whether or not it was some strange twist of fate, she found herself lying on a uncomfortable wooden bench with a coarse grey cloth as a blanket loosely tossed over her body. She found herself in an area enclosed by neatly cut logs, the edge of the forest visible through the window opposite where she was lying. Quickly flinging the cloth off absentmindedly, she stared down at the unfamilar body and limbs that she now had. She quietly explored her new fingers and toes, carefully running her fingers over her hairless skin, before wincing as her hand came into contact with another piece of cloth that was wrapped firmly around her left limb. As she slowly bit her lip, she gingerly reached to try and undo the knot.

“I wouldn't touch that if I were you.” A gruff voice boomed through the tranquil room. A burly man that barely fit through the doorway. Held loosely across his shoulder, a large axe glinted in the setting sun. A wave of terror rushed through her, as she quickly jumped off the couch and backed herself into a corner, ready to strike back at the human if he got too close. Their eyes met each other, and she sized him up. A pair of eyes without fear, filled with strength yet at the same time, showed no malice. A moment passed, and the axe slowly rose from the human's shoulder. She instinctively crouched down, eyes shut, whimpering. Death didn't descend, instead there was the sound of a creaking door and approaching footsteps. A sweet aroma wafted into her nostrils. As she slowly opened her eyes, she found herself sitting in front of a familar red fruit. How she had always wanted to taste these treats, so high up in the trees. With her hooves and stocky body, she was always defeated by the climb, and the aroma had always managed to find her, as if mocking her. And now one was right in front of her eyes. This must be a dream! Wait that wasn't important right now, she realised. There was a human here just a minute ago. And she could see the sun earlier. Where had he gone?

Slowly looking up, she came face to face with the same man she saw earlier, having mistaken wide chest for a tree trunk. How she had done that was beyond her, but she squealed before trying to get out of there. Unfortunately their heads were a bit close, and she ended up head-butting the man. She recovered faster than the human did, and she quickly snatched the apple out of the man's hands before retreating to the other corner to consume it, stealing glances at the man from the corner.

Personality: Ringo is extremely straightforward and unashamed to state her opinion. She comes off as a country bumpkin at times, and marvels at the inventions of mankind. She will go out of her way assist the elderly, youkai or human. The title of gourmet is self proclaimed, as most foods can make her happy, with the sole exception of food that has pork in it, in which she'll turn up her figurative snout and walk out of the shop.

She respects the human's need to feed on other animals to survive, but she looks down on sport hunting as well as bullying of weaker individuals. At the same time, she holds a great deal of respect for those that are far wiser than her,

Relationships (with who and what kind)
Lumberjack (deceased) – A parental figure of sorts, and the one that taught her much about the human lifestyle, she deeply respected his strength when he was alive, and lived with him until the final days of his life, where he died peacefully of old age. She learned human customs, their way of life, and the natural cycle of life and death
Wild Boars – Wild boars will flock to Ringo when she is irritated, and will stampede and trample over anything that she commands. They treat her as the alpha boar, and will do all that she commands them to do. They make up a key component of her spellcards. She treats the boars much like her family, and tends to both the old and the wounded with tender care.
Forest Beasts – The beasts of the forests are wary of Ringo, for boars are known to fight tooth and nail against even the toughest of predators, using their large tusks to gouge and gore any which are foolish enough to make a meal out of them.
Quote: “Ya look like a chap with a good head on your shoulders, so listen up. If someone ya don't like is pissing the crap outta you, just kick them over and walk right over them.”
Fighting Info/Battle Details 
Fighting Style: Charging Through The Opposition
 Ringo is quite straightforward in her strategies, and that's also what makes her dangerous, and at the same time easy to anticipate. She will take her opponent head on, taking advantage of her brute strength to grapple and down her opponents. Often, she will scatter danmaku to limit the opponent's breath of movement before charging down the center, where the danmaku is absent.

Strengths: One of the more physical fighters, Ringo prides herself in her fit body and her stamina. She is used to grappling and is well versed in strangleholds and limb locks. Some of her moves bear striking resemblance to moves used in modern day wrestling. She is at her best when in close proximity to her opponent.
Weaknesses: She has poor aim with ranged projectiles in general, and lacks a reliable means of approaching her targets.
Boar Sign – Downhill Charge
A burst of danmaku is fired on either side of the opponent, creating a limited tunnel, before Ringo charges at the opponent. With the right timing, the opponent can evade the attack by moving to the side in the time gap between she finishes firing the danmaku and the charge.

Grand Stampede – Rain of Hooves
A great rush of boar s rush the opponent in a straight line, coming from all directions. Before the stampede arrives, a ring of danmaku bursts from the location where the stampede will arrive, before a large torrent of danmaku rushes out towards the opponent in a straight line.

Nature's Treat – Apple Crumble
A danmakufication of her favourite food, apple crumble. A rain of apple shaped danmaku rain out in all directions, creating a circular area of effect. There are two spirals present in the pattern, in the clockwise direction, red danmaku circles spin, while in the other direction yellow danmaku, representing the crushed nuts. Ringo charges at the opponent before releasing each burst of danmaku, which radiate outwards after a short time.

Other Skills
~Name – Youkai Beast Build – Wild Boar
~Skill Type – Species
~What it does – A youkai which stems from the powerful stampeding boars, Ringo is blessed with a variety of traits that are typical to the species.
-Heightened Sense of Smell – Possessing a sense of smell that rivals that of the wolves, Ringo is able to track the locations and presences of food and other animals. In addition she is able to identify each and every boar in her horde by smell alone.
-Great Stamina – Ringo is able to run at a brisk pace for the better part of a day after only a single meal, if necessary.
-Powerful limbs – With strong limbs able to transverse any terrain, Ringo's arms and legs are able to taking a lot more punishment than those of humans, and can be hardened at will to deal powerful striking blows.
-Poor vision – Being overly reliant on her sense of smell, Ringo's vision is weaker than that of normal youkai. To compensate, she is often seen wearing a pair of glasses.
-Youkai Strength – As one of the more bodily youkai, Ringo has great strength in her body and limbs.
-Animal Transfiguration – Ringo is able to transform parts of her body to bear parts of her animal heritage, such as her shaggy mane of fur or her larger than normal tusks. As a female, her tusks are not as large as her male counterparts, however, they still give her a dangerous bite. She can also increase her mass to mirror that of her wild boar form, giving her much greater momentum and impact when she tackles someone.

Youkai Regneration
-Skill Type – Body
-What it does – Ringo has
Everything Crumbles,Nothing Lasts Forever
The Cycle of Rebirth Grinds To A Halt
Time is Short,A Choice Is Made
The Present Sacrificed,The Past Retained
With these Hands,The Future Will Be Rebuilt
As The World Collapses Around Me
I Call,Sands Of Creation.

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