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Wati Kutjara | OC

Postby Kiri » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:00 am

Name: Wati Kutjara, ‘Two Dreaming Men’
Age: 3000
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Lizard
Appearance: 5’7” tall and weighing 180 Kilograms, Wati Kutjara appears to be a normal man with dark skin, yellow eyes, and short, buzz-cut green hair in his human form. He has a gaunt face and is fairly well-buit, with a lurch in his step. In his Lizard form, he appears still human, but he gains a reptilian tail and his eyes gain slits, and his mouth gets fangs. He wears a kamishimo, with a green scale-coloured shirt texture, and a black hakama.

Wati was born in the Dream Time, the era of Fantasy in Australia; he was born to a mother, who had thought he would be twins, but instead he was one child born into the body of two, as was revealed to her when after his birth on the top of a mountain, of one white and one black child, the two bodies combined into one. But it had turned out that not all known to her was true; when he was born, he appeared to be a half-lizard. Her husband had then suddenly snatched the boy up and transformed into a Goanna, running off with him – or trying to. He failed, when a shaman came to the boy’s rescue.

The Shaman spoke to the woman and told her that he must take the child to the top of the highest mountain in the land and train him; for he felt unimaginable power within the child, and feared that if not raised to take moderation, he would become evil and attempt to destroy her. Reluctantly, the mother agreed with the Shaman, who brought Wati to the top of the mountain. As he grew up, Wati was taught moderation by the shaman, as well as magic.

When he was deemed worthy, the Shaman told Wati to leave, and find his way in the world. So Wati descended from the mountain in his split lizard form, seen by Aboriginals as he did, and went to camp out at a nearby tribe’s place, who invited him. Over the night, evil spirits had become restless, and in the form of humans and humanoid animals, entered the camp to ransack and eat the aboriginals. Fortunately, the spirits, or what would be known as Youkai in Japan, had been stopped by the lizard-man, or from the eyes of the natives, lizard-men. After this, Wati had seen enough; he had realised that his land was suffering and made an oath to fix it and watch over it. So he began to travel the state, watching over all tribes of the Aboriginals and when noticing a problem, he fixed it.

Several hundred years had passed, in which he had earned the respect of the gods. After a particularly fierce battle, having stopped an army of over 1000 Yara-Ma-Yha-Who from destroying and converting a whole village of innocent people, as they were more powerful than in legends, and could convert more than just children and convert far faster than was passed down in myth, the gods of Australia - several Rainbow Serpents among them, although the Rainbow Serpents did not create the whole land, but were merely a ridiculously powerful species of Youkai that were benevolent to humans and their battles shaped Australia’s land – decided to get together and forge a mythical weapon for him. That weapon was the Womurrāng. The gods appointed him as their champion of the land, and gave him the boomerang so he could protect it more efficiently.

However, a few hundred years later after even more battles, in the 4th century, Wati encountered a man who was banished, according to him, from his planet and found ; this man’s name was Kidiri. He was a despicable man, describing how he was superior to everyone no matter what he did, and because of his superiority view, he thought that forcing himself onto a woman – who was the kami of the Pleiades – would be acceptable. In anger, Wati challenged him to a battle which lasted hours, with the landscape of Western Australia being rearranged forever. Wati went out of his way to avoid killing civilians, but Kidiri went out of his way to do so.

Finally the battle was finished when in an act of karma, the alien's genitals were cut off, leaving him in blinding pain. After this, he was sealed away by the kami into a large rock. Wati himself made a vow to do whatever it took to defeat those who lived on the moon if they came to Earth. So, he crafted a pendant and enchanted it so that it would glow whenever an alien landed on Earth, and give him a vision of the area where they were at the moment in a view from orbit. When the 7th century rolled around, the amulet began to glow, showing the country of Japan from orbit. He began to make his way towards the country, aiming to banish and destroy the alien he had found. He followed directions implanted in his mind by the Kami that led him to Japan, and searched for the alien that had no doubt reached Earth and would cause huge amounts of damage. After enough time, however, he discarded the amulet which irritated him.

Travelling around Japan, he asked questions of where mythical creatures like a man from the moon, or from the stars, may be found, and was directed to the region of Gensokyo. Although he was initially wary of the aliens to his country, he soon grew to have an affection for them, toning down his hate of aliens. But when he reached Gensokyo, he was surprised – many of the mythical Youkai living there were similar to his homeland’s evil spirits. Searching Gensokyo while banishing many Youkai, Wati found no trace of a creature from outer space. But when he was told by a resident of the land – Yukari Yakumo – that all beings of fantasy would eventually come to Gensokyo, he decided to wait.

Meanwhile, he became a professional Youkai exterminator, protecting humans from the more malevolent Youkai and exorcising them from the world. Soon after, Kaguya Houraisan had entered Gensokyo with her protector Eirin, and he followed them, sensing their distinctive alien magic. He attempted to approach them, but he could not, as they had almost immediately fled to Eientei, and he found no sense in becoming lost in a forest which he saw as dangerous. So, for over a thousand years, he lay in wait, still banishing and exterminating Youkai and befriending those in the Human Village, ready to banish the Lunarians from this world. Until the 21st century, when finally, the Lunarians surfaced from their place, so he decided to finally examine them from afar, to determine whether or not they were evil, but he had no idea yet. Several years later, he had developed a plan to banish them from Earth if they were…

Generally, Wati is a kind man, and tends to stutter quite a bit and wave his hands around while he talks. He also tends to repeat sentences that he just said a few seconds before, with indication that he didn’t quite remember saying it. He also tends to frown on any Youkai causing fear on purpose, being a human powered by divine magic who helped defeat many an evil spirit our Youkai in his homeland of Australia. He lives off the land rather than buy anything from anyone, hunting and killing small pests for sustenance. He is somewhat lecherous, however, as evidenced by his treatment of the Pleiades women after saving them from a terrible fate. His major flaws, however, are that he sees all humans as something to be protected rather than thinking that any of them can stand on their own, and that he fears darkness; he is almost petrified if he is trapped underground with no light or above ground at night on a new moon. When he gets into a battle, however, his blood begins to boil, turning him into a loud, boastful warrior. This doesn't change his skills of mind, however; he can still strategise quickly, and he takes his surroundings into account.
Air Transformation: Wati can transform into air when he so chooses, allowing him to become incorporeal and survive dangerous attacks, or fly over the horizon without being noticed. However, he cannot do anything like use magic aside from transforming back while in this form, or wield his Womurrāng.
Self-Division: Wati has the ability to split himself into two while retaining control over both bodies, with one body retaining the ability to use magic and the other retaining the ability to transform into air and go across the wind.
Magic: Wati can manipulate magic, with his magical powers extending to high levels; for instance, he can call upon the spirits of his ancestors and have them conjure up energy bullets, and he can fly in his non-wind form, as well as morph into other forms and change the form of other beings.
Transformation between Human and Lizard: He can transform naturally between his human form and his humanoid lizard form.
- Kaguya Houraisan: Major enemy, but unknown to her.
- Eirin Yagokoro: Major enemy, but unknown to her.

- Kami of Australia: Wati is acquainted with many Kami of Australia, and the chosen instrument of heaven on the continent.

Trivia / Notes / Other:
Wati Kutjara wields a magical boomerang known as Womurrāng. Womurrāng is Wati’s main weapon; it was forged by the kami of Australia and handed to him as a gift to protect his homeland from the evil spirits that surfaced on occasion. The Womurrāng has multiple special abilities; it can fire blasts of energy powerful enough to cut through a mountain, can only be lifted by him, and always returns no matter what it hits. It also can cut through spirits, although not immortal spirits, only mortal spirits.

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