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Rinnosuke Morichika | Canon

Postby Draiman » Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:26 am

Name: Morichika Rinnosuke
Age: Unknown, about a century
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Youkai

History: Spent time in the outside world, may have been born there. He spent most of his early childhood and adolescence there. It was there that he was taught basic reading and arithmetic, and the basics of business, as well as learning a little about inventing and engineering. He doesn't remember much from his time there, but he does know odd facts and trivia. Eventually though, when the Youkai decided to split away from the human world, he joined them because as a half-youkai, he couldn't fit in among only humans. And so, he was there when the great barrier was erected and Gensokyo sealed off from the outside world. From there, he worked as an apprentice to Kirisame Marisa's father at his store, learning the ins and outs of actually running a shop as well as developing a close relationship with Marisa. He also continued to invent and tinker with existing objects in order to create new, useful tools. Feeling he wasn't being challenged enough, he decided to strike out on his own and opened his own store, Kourindou. As a parting gift, Rinnosuke built Marisa the Mini-Hakkero, which he would later upgrade at his own store. Kourindou is an antique shop just outside the Forest of Magic and peddles wares primarily from outside the barrier. He often buys wares from others, his shop acting more like a pawn shop than the antique store he claims it to be.

Personality: Rinnosuke, or Kourin as Marisa calls him, is a generally kind and amicable person. Despite being a merchant, he doesn't put that as his number one priority and never cheats a customer. However, he enjoys a good challenge and always does his best to make a good - but fair - sale. His business is doing worse than it should be, primarily because of Rinnosuke's fascination with much of his merchandise. He often keeps the most interesting or useful items, refusing to sell them. In addition, he's a know-it-all because of his ability though most of his hypotheses are incorrect on account of him simply pulling them out of thin air.
Despite that, he's very determined and skilled. One of his favorite hobbies is tinkering and engineering with things. He enjoys combining very useful things or even outright making new items that mimic some of the utilities of the "Outside world."

Powers: Ability to know the name and function of any object. Decent magical ability.

Major: Kirisame Marisa: He has an older brother-like relationship with Marisa. He often lets her take things from the store without paying for them, on the implicit agreement she sell him various things she comes across. Though she can sometimes prove an annoyance he DOES enjoy her company and often provides her help whenever she needs it.

Hakurei Reimu: Rinnosuke gives Reimu plenty of the same leeway he does Marisa, mostly because as the Hakurei shrine maiden she's in charge of solving incidents. He supposedly prepared Reimu's purification rod and shrine maiden outfit, in order to better help her resolve incidents and maintain the peace in Gensokyo.

Yukari: He has a deal with Yukari, he provides her fuel and she occasionally provides him information on certain items or even strange items themselves. Rinnosuke doesn't particularly like dealing with her and her intimidating and ominous atmosphere though.

Sakuya: Sakuya has been known to visit Kourindou on occasion, generally on the whims of her mistress. She's much easier to deal with than Yukari, despite her formal attitude.

Trivia: Thinks gameboys are WMDs

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