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Postby cxl » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:17 am

Hello and welcome~
If you're here, it's because you have questions regarding IRC, and indeed, if you have questions regarding IRC, or our IRC networks specifically, then you are in the right place.
Pressing on!

The blatantly obvious question: How do I IRC?
The blatantly obvious answer: With an IRC client!

The other blatantly obvious question: Where do I IRC?
The other, equally blatant answer: or for roleplaying.

Right, so, with that out of the way, you'll find your way onto IRC and proceed to bug me with all sorts of equally blatant questions such as "How do I nick?" "Want more nicks: How?" "How register make do?" "Can channel to has?" and "Can IRC-Operator be k plox". Some of these are valid. Others will make me slap you.
I will attempt to cover some of the basics here.

Doing stuff with your nick.
To change nicks, use the command "/nick SomeNickHere" where SomeNickHere is the nick you want to switch to.

To register with your nick, use nickserv. The command is "/ns register password email" where "password" is the password you would like to use, and "email" is your e-mail address. The RP network will process the registration immediately, while the general network will require that you confirm your e-mail address.

If the server barks at you about the nick being registered: If it's yours, then type "/ns identify password" where password is the password you used when registering. If it's not yours, then get off someone else's nick before they come by and slap you.

If you suffered an internet problem and got disconnected, and your nick is still in use, then use "/ns ghost nick password" where nick is your nick that is still in use, and password being the password associated with that nick. This will kill the clone and allow you to get your nick back.

To group nicks (lets several nicks use the same password) use "/ns group targetnick password" where targetnick is the nick you want to group TO (i.e. the nick you first registered) and the password is the password belonging to THAT nick.

For more information, use "/ns help"

Doing stuff with channels.
Can you have your own channel?

The IRC server will automatically create channels for you if you join them, i.e. by typing /join #StupidChannel, it will create StupidChannel and give you channel operator status. If you want to REGISTER a channel, so that it'll remain after you leave and come back, then:

If you are on the general network: You need to have a registered nick first. From there, type “/cs register #channel password description” - replace channel with the name of the channel you are trying to register, password with whatever password you would like (This is your channel owner password - don’t give it out to anyone as they can use it to gain channel owner status), and description with some short description of your channel: i.e. “/cs register #StupidChannel 3949t2gt0g Come here to be stupid!”

If you have registered the channel, you can gain channel owner status by using “/cs identify #channel password” - where channel is your channel and password is the password you registered it with.

If you are on the RP network: You need to talk to one of the IRC operators - you can find them in the #Halp channel (usually) or in the #Gensoukyou_OOC channel (mostly).
Bear in mind , that the RP network is dedicated to the EoP RP. As such, we won't be registering dozens of channels for idle chat - channels are considered various locations for RP use, with a few exceptions. #Gensoukyou_OOC is the chat channel there, but we try to discourage people from hanging out there all the time. If you want to talk about other stuff, then you should use the general network instead.

Can I be an IRC operator?
The short answer: No.
The long answer: No. And don't ask.
The longer answer: Generally, asking to be an OP is the best way to keep from being one. Instead, try making yourself a useful and helpful member of our community. In general, if you hang around a lot and do your best to help people out, you'll first rise in ranks in the OOC channel (Or one of the official channels on the general network). Those trusted enough to be channel ops will be considered whenever we need more IRC Operators or admins.

I want more information!
Well then, that's usually a good thing. For starters, our server runs UnrealIRCd and anope services.
If you want to know more about them, then I suggest you go to your search engine of choice and do some research.

I have questions!
Well then, you have OPTIONS!

You can come bother me on IRC, and watch as I spam out numerous instances of the >:C emoticon before maybe answering your question.

A far better way is to post your question here, so that I can answer it when I'm not busy placing bans or yelling at idiots or being >:C over one of the millions of things that make me >:C

The way to go about this is to make your topic title CLEAR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND.

If you have a question, then make sure the topic title is "Question: <Whatever the question is>"
If you're having technical trouble, then make the title "Halp: <The problem you're having>"
If you want to suggest something, then make the title "Suggestion: <The suggestion>"
If whatever you want to say doesn't fall into any of these categories, then make the title "Misc: <Whatever the title>"

This will let me sort through things more easily, and fix problems before I get to answering every last question. I will try to get around to everything (and probably succeed), but it's important that I prioritise fixing problems over answering questions. Failure to follow these guidelines will earn you a nice big >:C reply before probably getting your topic locked.

HALP, HALP, I've been banned.
Well, you should have been given a reason before this happened, along with several warning and chances to correct your behaviour.

If you still feel that the ban should be reviewed, then I advise you to go and read over this.
sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /
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Server List

Postby cxl » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:51 am

Our current IRC servers are as follows: - gateway, connecting to this will auto-select a server for you. (Pending update)
sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

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