We're Moving!

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We're Moving!

Postby fauxm » Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:56 am

We will backup the databases for the forum and wiki immediately before moving. You shouldn't lose anything, but expect it anyway!

TL;DR: We'll be down for a while; hopefully not too long if everything goes smoothly, and you shouldn't lose much, if anything.

Yep! As the title suggests, the forums and the wiki are moving. Up until now, we've used a hosting company that just gives us basically an account on their server and we were only allowed to host a website, and some SQL stuff.
They have really strange quotas (like number of CPU instructions each user was allowed to reach a month), and we met one of them and couldn't fix it in time (the CPU one), so we decided to get a VPS, instead of a limited reseller.
A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, so we get full control over a virtual server, with no execution caps, sufficient SSD storage space, a nice 1Gbit/s down and 100Mbit/s up network connection, and 3TB a month of data transfer; all of which is more than what we had before, and more than enough for EoP.
Complete control over the server allows us to optimise and do a lot more cool stuff with it than we could before.

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