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Keep yourself up to date in the wiki!

Postby NekomimiRex » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:33 pm

As we all know, there's a big wiki here and it's full of those characters you roleplay!

What you may not know is that YOUR information is probably not up to date! That's probably not good!

How can you be updated, you ask? Well, it involves editing a bunch of pages! So get on it!
And if you don't edit the wiki at all, shame on you! Keeping all your stuff up to date is a pain in the arse for the rest of us picking up your slack!

In general though, you'll only be updating it when you have new characters.

So when you get a new character, you should take the following steps:

  • Write up a character page. This is kind of the most important bit! If it's a canon, find the page for it and fill it out!
    **If there isn't already a barebones page for your character (it's an OC or a canon hot off the presses), you can start a page pretty fast with this link here! Just fill in the blanks, copy and paste if you have to.
  • Make sure your page has an image for your character! We want to know what it looks like! Upload one if there isn't! Hotlinking is bad, just upload it, the wiki has space!
  • Whoa there, cowboy! You're not done yet! Check if that character is on the Characters page! If it's a canon, you simply need to remove the (Open) in front of your character! If not, ask an admin to help you sort it out!
  • Additionally, if that's a Canon character, you need to update the List of Canon Characters! Update the section with your canon! Don't forget to replace that image of the character if it's Unknown.jpg!
  • Put your character somewhere in the Power Rating page!
  • ONE MORE THING! You need to update your section in the User Database! It's useful to know at a glace which characters everyone has taken!

I know a bunch of you need to go through this checklist with each character you own! Get on it! It's not more then 10 minutes of Copy and Paste for each one! You might also consider filling out Auxillary pages, like adding to the Species pages and Abilities for your characters!
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