Reflecting on 2013

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Reflecting on 2013

Postby flarp22 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:03 pm

What a wild and crazy ride it's been, hasn't it? With the coming of 2014, I'll have been at EoP for a full year, and I have to say, it's been a pretty sweet ride (albeit with a few potholes in the road). I wanted to throw up this thread as an excuse to get a little sentimental about what we've accomplished this year both in and out of character for EoP. For me, it's pretty easy; everything I've done so far fits into this category.

  • Made two guides to help newbies out.
  • Took Mai and brought a Yuki with me.
  • Experimented with an OC and put three more on the drawing board. (They'll get done eventually)
  • Took Aya for a time before realizing she wasn't really a match for me.
  • Took Meiling and proceeded to do a pretty alright job with her so far.
  • Rescued Ruukoto from Reimu's broom closet.
  • Took Hina and accidentally caused Rikako's house to explode and Mokou to trip a lot.
  • Worked my way up from newbie to Voiced to HalfOp on the IRC network.

I can only imagine what'll happen in 2014, but I'm hoping it'll be another bucket-full of good times and things actually getting done. Maybe I'll go ahead and start a small-scale incident in the coming year. Either way, I'm looking forward to it, and I'd like to hear what everyone else wants to say in regards to 2013, since it will be leaving us in less than a day from this post.
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Re: Reflecting on 2013

Postby Setvilioux » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:38 pm

Why not, seems like a fun time. Let's see, what've I done here...

[*]Rode in on the wings of a certain jerk and took Yuki.
[*]Fell asleep for like 2 months
[*]Came back when things weren't craptastic (let's be honest things were kinda bad to start)
[*]Took up fortune-telling and swordplay
[*]Put my robe and wizard hat back on for more FIRE
[*]Still just kinda sucking my thumb and being not very productive.

Maybe next year can be productive! Ahahahahahahahahano
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Re: Reflecting on 2013

Postby cxl » Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:21 am

You people are 30 days too early on this "new year" thing.

But yeah, solar calendars. LOL

Anyway, 2013 CE was a year that I think was defined primarily by its difficulties - there was a lot of things wrong with this place and it took a whole lot of feuding, arguing, and yelling to get them sorted out. On the upside, I think they have been sorted out, so there's that, at least.

As for what I've done? Not all that much. I never do all that much. It's mostly been a case of drink, grumble, scowl, drink, repeat as needed. I've also not RP'd half as much as most people would probably like me to, but this is a trend and to break it now would ruin the pleasant comfort of shared difficulty, so let's not and say we did.

On the topic of getting a little sentimental: In as much as this place causes me near-constant worry and headaches, I honestly don't think I could ask for a better community. Despite all the drama(TM), I'm glad to have been a part of it.

Stay classy, EoP.
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Re: Reflecting on 2013

Postby null » Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:10 am

A reflection? Well, a lovely thought indeed~ It's always good to reflect on years past, as one does mistakes past. So, what have I done in EoP this past year? Well...

* Nothing(TM)

* Nothing(TM)((TM))

* Trademarked Nothing

* Trademarked Nothing(TM)

* Trademarked(TM) trademarking

* Stops the trademarking thing before I get sued by some US company.

In all seriousness, as much as is possible from me, I can't actually recall what I have done in EoP in the past year other than take another 27 characters onto myself like shit gathering flies. I also managed to finally GM(?) an incident, so that's a something. If I am forgetting anything, and holy lord fuck I'm sure I am as my mental HDD seems to have went the way of my old HDD, someone do let me know.

So, EoP, we have survived another year in our own little corner of hell the internet. Let us go into the next year with our flags at full mast; our >:C masks adorned with pride; our dagges at the ready. May we go forth and decimate the next year until it is forever remembered in history as "The year that was taken over by those crazy touhou RPers with weird emoticon masks shouting obscenities as they beat us all to death with liekhueg backstories(tm(?)) and some weird typos that look like daggers". Do not rest until we are forever certain that when the smoke clears, dust settles, and the red paint splatter on the walls and carpet have dried, that we, Edge of Perspective, will live on in the minds of all those who even acknowledge the term "touhou roleplay". Go forth and conquer, my pride, my joy, perhaps my greatest accomplishment, and I'll be damned if I don't say, our pride, our joy, and perhaps even our greatest accomplishment, and forever our asylum of a community.

In the words of cxl the lioncow, let us violently maul another year.
"An honest scowl over a dishonest smile, expressive ranting over silent fuming; for if you let a person go on thinking they are pleasing you, then all they'll learn is how to annoy you more."

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Re: Reflecting on 2013

Postby Firefluff » Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:58 am

Well, let's see, what have I done...?

[*] Joined at the end of some rough times when not a whole lot was happening.

[*] Got started in some sorely needed roleplaying and met some amazing writers, you all know who you are. (Marine and Noctis, you might think you aren't, so let me tell you that you are. None of that self doubt.)

[*] Took a lot of characters, some of which have not been at all playable until recently (tHERE IS A SHIZUHA NOW, YES GOOD.)

[*] Became the Community Representative of Edge of Perspective. Surprisingly, I don't do a whole lot regarding that. People should probably talk to me more if there are any issues, but hopefully this means that there are no issues.

[*] Wrote one of those guide things that seem to be popular, hopefully people actually read it.

[*] Weathered through some questionable times. Thankfully, things have turned out alright and we can all keep going for another (almost)year.

[*] More stuff here.

I haven't been here a full year yet (about 8 months and 10 days as of now), but hopefully the time to come is filled with even more good times and excellent roleplay. This place means a lot to me, despite the fact that I haven't been here as long as some others. However, I will be here as long as EoP exists, you can be certain of that. Hats off to you, EoP.

Re: Reflecting on 2013

Postby Marine » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:51 am

I'd say it was a pretty good year, if we can look past all the drama. There was a rocky start, since we were still emerging from the "old!EoP" shell and getting our flight feathers in, and there's been a few spats between admins here and there.. and that's tough to get past. We've gained people, lost people, lots of characters have been taken, plots have been played out (some more successful than others), and built bridges.
There's a lot more good than bad that happened this past year, I'd daresay!

Personal things:

- Took a couple characters.
- Worked on being more of a community player rather than one of the more shy people.
- Started playing my hand at GMing smaller plots!

And other things I'm sure I've forgotten..

But yeah. It's been great, and I hope it keeps being great. Keep on rockin', EoP.
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Re: Reflecting on 2013

Postby Bai Ze » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:46 pm

I did all sorts of very important, lioncow things a whole lot of nothing.

Community seems fine. Year was good. Could've used more rain.

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