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"Outside World" Working Thread

Postby Dryhavich » Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:50 am

This thread is to be used for discussion regarding the original and mythological aspects of the EoP setting. - cxl

Hey all. I just had this crazy idea of listing a bunch of future and current RP plots that potentially involve multiple characters. Feel free to list yours here too, since my mind is unavoidably biased towards the ones that I manage or play a significant role in. Furthermore, I ask anyone (yes, that means you, Joe McAverage) to provide their input into fleshing out these ideas.

1) The Meetings of the Mages

This is a plot that involves individuals such as Vannevar Bellefonte, Dzintars Lielais, and Sarvik. It is something that I have far less certainty about than the other future plots involving my characters, but it has some very interesting connotations. It could involve an attempt to reach an agreement about acting against the dangers present, (#4 as well as Abyssal Ship RP) as well as provide an opportunity for the personalities of unplayed OCs to be fleshed out in a controlled setting.

2) The Opening of Gensoukyou

I'm not so sure about the actual opening of Gensoukyou itself, since there is talk of off-screening the opening. However, I specifically mention the potential sub-RP plots that could come out of this, including...

3) The Forging of the New Sampo

This plot involves the participation of numerous factions, including the representatives of the Moriya Shrine, the Tengu, the Romuva-Suomenusko Alliance, and the Qingcheng Order. The Sampo was a golden grindstone that ground out seemingly infinite flour, salt, and gold, which the RSA moves to forge with the help of one of Gensoukyou's native gods - Moriya Suwako. If such a large number of factions benefit from this endeavor, and a similar item/items is/are forged, such actions will have momentous consequences on a celestial scale for Earth. General economy will not simply benefit: old figures will stir from their dusty thrones, arcane powers will be rankled in their dank hideaways, and ties will be both strengthened and undermined. What I hope that this will accomplish is a great amount of opportunities for supposedly "lesser" characters to roleplay with each other more often - the burden of task created by new developments will inevitably rest on young disciples, journeymen, and the supposedly unassuming everyman. Moreover, perhaps crucial deals will fall through, or sabotage from the inside will play a part in the plot. I am aware of the changing hands and freeing up of some characters, so whoever receives certain characters that may play a part in this ridonkulously big plot should mull this over. Emissaries and scouts have already been sent eastward to Siberia by the RSA, yet such things are not for the single purpose of the aforementioned plot.

4) Uprising of the Eastern Hiidet

Over the Eastern border of the Ural Mountains, lies and deceit mixed with thoughts of revolution to inspire conflict between Pohjola's mass of magical creatures. Many turn to the old ways, propelled by a philosophical cause to undermine modern society and bring the enforcers of laws to their knees. There is a reason behind this, for the jurisdiction of some younger Hiidet has been malignant, and the experience of both Hiidet and Byesy alike has been biased to see the irskome side of modern society. Violence has only recently sprang up in specific pockets of Siberia, though even these minor conflicts have been increasingly worrying for the shamans. Formerly-peaceful creatures now take up arms against one another, spilling wanton blood in the name of differing ideology. There is talk that these conflicts of woodland creatures may even spread in all directions, but that notion is hearsay. Preliminarily, Charles Lightmagus and Gwyndolen Ealdwine of the Romuva-Suomenusko Alliance were sent out on an excursion to Syuldyukar on the pretense of a test of survival, though their recent meeting with Sarvik may have betrayed the real meaning of their journey - to scout out the area. I think that this plot is a good example of one that would be made far more difficult if powerful characters tried to step in themselves and take matters into their own hands too quickly.
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