Skoll and Hati's Hunger games

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Skoll and Hati's Hunger games

Postby Diquad » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:22 pm


Where was he?

His mind was numb. His body, aching. Worst, the hunger he felt...

O, how he loathed the hunger.

“You wake, Skoll.” A smooth voice floats from his side, and he kicks himself to his feet; rolling over and snapping a feral eye towards the owner of the sound.

Hati.” He spit, beginning a slow trod around the sitting wolf. He glanced upwards towards the night sky; moon full and wondrous among the stars and noticed his sense of time As if the natural flow of the world had been wrenched from its pattern and thrown into discord…

However, his personal qualms paled in comparison to the rage beginning to smoulder in his chest.

“What are you doing here?” Skoll began, baring his fangs towards his brother.“Should you not be preparing for the chase?! You let our quarry gain purchase in his flight! Have you forgotten our hunt-”

“There is no more hunt, brother.” The larger, blue wolf interrupted him with a shallow tone in his voice. Skoll knew not what he meant, but Hati remained calm and sitting. “We are no longer bound to the hunt as we once were...”

“This land has changed. Gone are the heavens as they once were, Do you not remember?” Hati queried, causing Skoll to relax his posture, confusion evident in his actions. How could he remember anything with this empty feeling clawing at his innards? How long has it been since he’d fed?

“Of course you do not; so snared by your own pursuit.” The blue wolf continued, craning his body and bringing a massive hind paw up to flick casually at his neck . “The great cataclysm that split the realms...In their foolishness, the god’s toyed with a power even they did not fully comprehend.” Hati explained, placing his foot upon the soil once more.

“Forced by the folly of the humans they fixated themselves so appointed upon; their mighty storm severed the connections of the divine roads we once ran. No longer can we access our hunting grounds; No longer are we able to feed from the energies of the heavens.”

Skoll sat still for a moment, registering this information - trying to piece together what he could while his brother informed him of these recent events. They would vanish, he thought. Wither and decay into nothingness without the energy to sustain themselves. An image of himself - hollowed and decrepit - formed in his mind and it churned at his gut far stronger than any hunger he’d felt in his existence.

“...No…” Skoll’s voice was quiet upon the wind as it flitted across Hati’s mind. Skoll’s large body began bristling; the tips of his fur beginning to smoulder with a furious orange, and he felt his rage returning threefold. “NO.” He stated again, and this time Hati would rise to his feet; retreating as he did so. It was not wise to be near Skoll when his temper caught the best of him.

I WILL NOT PERISH TO SUCH AN INCIDENT! I WILL NOT!” Skoll howled into the night, and with a blinding light, he burst into flames; edges of his pelt becoming a blazing hellfire. The ground shook and trees swayed at his cry of anger. “I AM A HUNTER! I AM A WARRIOR! I WILL NOT BE BESTED BY SOMETHING AS SILLY AS AN ERROR OF THE GODS!” He unleashed a terrible roar, whipping his head to the side - mouth wide and fangs barred. An intense wave of flame blossomed from his jaws as he did so, and he raged with the flames. Dragging them towards his elder brother in a wide arc.

The inferno screamed into Hati and devoured him. As it passed through the blue warg, his structure became fuzzy and suddenly dispersed into a fine dust; the heat of the flames blowing various pieces of the wolf into the night sky. Skoll paid this no mind as his rampage continued, scorching the earth and turning the trees to ash. If he was to fade in such a weak manner, he would show the world how powerful he was before this ridiculous occurrence; They would know the name Skoll and quake in fear and-

A solid blow to the back of his neck brought his head careening to the ground, cutting of the spew of flames and collapsing the soil with a terrible slam. Confusion once again rang through Skoll’s mind before he recognized the weight upon him as Hati - Or Hati’s forepaws to be precise.

“Relax yourself, Fool.” Hati’s mind thundered to him in a calm fury. “It is only through the deep slumber we entered that we maintained our forms for even this long. You wish to burn yourself to nothingness here? Fine. I will not stop you.” He pressed a little more of his weight onto Skoll’s neck, and the red warg began kicking - attempting escape. The elder wolf chuckled with his mind and dipped head down low to continue in a low, sinister tone. “But know this, Skoll. This is not doom. We are by no means cursed.” He paused, leaning further and seizing the back of Skoll’s neck.

The act caused Skoll to burn brighter and hotter, infuriated by his brother's display of dominance. With a heft, the younger warg felt himself being yanked upwards into an awkward sitting position, forcing his eyes upon the night sky. Flames licked at his teeth and the inferno of his pelt blazed with an incredible ferocity - yet the blue wolf showed no sign of relinquishing his hold.

“In fact, I would go as far as to call this a blessing in disguise…” Hati’s mind almost seemed to laugh as the voice entered Skoll’s psyche. The mystery of his words left Skoll interested, however angry he was, and he momentarily stopped fighting against his brother’s grip; his rage now a low burn of his coat as he attempted to restrain himself long enough to reply.

“How do you mean, Hati.” Skoll rumbled, his question more of a demanding statement. “What game are you playing at?”

“Silence, Whelp.” Hati hissed his response quickly and quietly. “It draws near.”

Skoll remained forced to watch the black above him, curious to see what Hati was waiting for. He would not wait long, however; as in a moment’s flash a stream of golden light tore itself across the sky, trail arcing long behind it before shimmering away as fast as the light itself flew. At this, Skoll’s pupils dilated, and he felt his heart start beating faster and faster, something other than rage this time coursing through his veins.

“...Sol...” he whispers before his fur once again smoulders to life. “The hunt, brother, you were wrong! Sol lives! Mani must live as well! We Must-” He begins, thrashing as he rants, but is silenced again Hati tears him to the side with a quick jerk.

“Hold brother, that is not Sol; just as the moon above is not Mani.” He explains smoothly, still grasping Skoll. “This is another creature; one of many.” He pauses for a moment as Skoll stops thrashing again, breathing deeply as the magic of the golden light brushes across his muzzle. Hati grins a wicked smile in his mind and releases his younger brother as he continues. “Do you smell it now, Skoll? Divine energy.

“Though our old Quarry has escaped us, we are surrounded by a plethora of alternatives.” The blue wolf began, trotting infront of Skoll - the younger still staring upwards where the golden trail once had appeared. “More than just the residue from the sides of the astral roads. The deities themselves now sleep among us, believing they are safe. Have you ever thought of what it would be like to taste such a concentrated amount of power?” Hati continued walking, leaving his brother behind him.

“Today I reclaim my role as the hunter, Skoll. Today I take up the mantle of the Chariot once more, and this time, I shall not allow my prey quarter.” He stopped for a moment, looking backwards towards his brother expectantly.

“If you will join me, brother-” He began with a coy tone, turning away from Skoll once more. “-This creature has done us the favor of laying a trail to its den…”

“Let us not allow that gratitude to pass us by.”

Skoll and Hati's "Hunger games" is an event spanning across (as well as spawning) multiple episodes. It aims to introduce many of the more antagonistic forces that dwell in the lands, as well as giving those antagonistic (as well as the protagonists) forces reason to leave their safe zones beyond simple missions through use of physical manifestation of the Middle Eastern Astra. While not pre-scripted, the event has a number of possible outcomes depending on the unraveling of various events. However, a clear lose condition is allowing Skoll and Hati to become overly powerful, in which case they will assault Amenokanushi in Tibet - Probably failing in doing so but diverting her attention long enough to lose control of the storm again.

The wargs Skoll and Hati have awoken, and with the paths to heaven cutoff, they can no longer run the astral roads to feed from the energy there. In lieu of such, they turn their attention towards more accessible forms of power, made ready from the cataclysms wake. A mobile threat - practically a natural disaster on their own - they roam the landscape searching for beings or artifacts of power to satiate their now-constant hunger.

The first area targeted is the Bharadvaja compound located in the Aravalli range, just outside Delhi.

Home to the Bharadvaja caste, these peoples have made their way though history as ritualists - attempting to cleanse the land in preparation for the return of their god, Lord Bhrama. Locked away in many of the caste members are the secrets to invoking many of the Middle eastern Astra, and as one of the newer Bharadvaja ritualists is sent out on a pilgrimage, Skoll and Hati take notice. Following the Bharadvaja's path back to the main compound, they prepare to rush the compound - hunger and desperation now leading their charge.

Are now physical objects, yep. During the Warg-raid on the Bharadvaja compound, Kripacharya - The Hindu immortal presiding there - will be gravely injured attempting to defend his peoples. To save his life, and prevent the powers that lie within him and knowledge he holds of the Middle eastern Astra from being absorbed into the wargs, He attempts a spiritual hymn to scatter himself - ultimately failing in doing so.

As such, his knowledge as well as his form are shattered, spilling out into physical invocations of the Astra and flying in numerous directions across the sky.

Have a villian you want cheap motivation for? maybe you want to start something big? The Astra can help.
Skoll and Hati are loose, intent on attacking several more areas in the future.
Due to Kripacharya's semi-destruction, A malicious entity is unleashed once more - intent on restoring the heavens for foul purposes.

When it begins:

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