Classroom Observations

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Classroom Observations

Postby Firefluff » Wed May 22, 2013 2:49 pm

Alright. This is where I will post the stupid things that happen at my school...Live time by the way.

Come into school, walk to the end of the classroom, turn right past the portable wall. You are now in a small nook where the people who actually do their school work are located. Okay, I take that back, only some of them do their work. I see someone over there messing around on Google images. The person next to them leans over to see as well. I noticed that not very many people in this little area are actually here today, surprise, surprise.

...All of a sudden, I see a bright yellow...ribbon? Come over the portable wall and hit someone in the back of the head. Is that....yes, yes it is. That is a tape measure. Why someone has a tape measure? I have absolutely no idea.

One of the teachers comes into the room to help a student with their chapter test. If they didnt know the material, maybe they should have payed attention to the lesson for once. One moment while I go to hit the "I got this" button on my lesson. No doubt, my ENGLISH III CLASS was trying to teach me how to properly use a verb in a sentence. Really? I'm 19 years old! I know how to do that! ... Anyway...

Phones are going off every 5 minutes, you'd think they would have gotten them taken away by now, right? The student that was playing around on Google asks to go on hour early. Of course, the answer to that is a sharp, crisp 'no'.

What's this? A student got called out on not doing their work? That quickly devolves into the student shouting random curses at the teacher then storming out of the school, followed by a phone call to the student's parents.

Bluedragoon shows up to school, 48 minutes late, but at least he's here....I guess. He's lazy...yeah. Well, at least it looks like he is working, hard to tell from over here. I have one of the best spots for doing things I probably shouldn't be doing while at school (messing around on the forums XD). But, unlike most others, I am actually running my lessons through. In other words, I actually logged on.

M'kay, thats enough for today I guess XD

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