Easy Guidelines for Being a Decent Community Member

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Easy Guidelines for Being a Decent Community Member

Postby flarp22 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:44 pm

In light of recently becoming a HalfOp despite not really doing much aside from providing a few extra RP opportunities, I feel I should take some time to explain to people, mostly potential newbies, how to be a halfway decent member of EoP, or any community in general, really. A lot of the following rules can apply to any community with even minimal desire to remain respectable.

Overall, the goal you want to achieve while being a respectable member is simple:


1a: Read the rules!

This shouldn't be something I need to list, but nobody does it, so I need to mention it. Reading the rules and guidelines is an essential first step not to do anything stupid, and yet it does occasionally happen where we'll get someone who just jumps onto IRC or makes a community app without even a glance. So yeah, give that stuff a read.

1b: Read the wiki!

Wanna join our ranks? Learn how we run things. Our Gensoukyou is not canon Gensoukyou. Our Gensoukyou is not cutesy and friendly. Our Gensoukyou is brutal and deadly to those who cannot adapt and deal with people like the Nue. This also applies to the characters within; Sakuya and Remilia have been married in our setting for over a year now, for example. Forget Touhouwiki, forget fanon, forget the memes. The wiki is our holy text and we expect you to make it yours too if you choose to join us.

2a: Read accepted applications to get a feel for what we expect of you when you write yours!

Note: This does not mean you need to type a full essay for any particular section; a few paragraphs will suffice for backstory, with more added as needed depending on the character.

2b: Accept constructive criticism without hostility!

Be very careful when Marine (Patchouli Knowledge on the forum), Noctis, or anyone else in a position of power disagrees with the things you write. They've been here a while, they've likely been RPing for longer than you, so chances are, they know what they're talking about when they bring up problem areas on your app. That said, if you disagree with someone's criticism, DO NOT BECOME HOSTILE. THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU IMPROVE. The only time where they'll start being mean is when you've shown you have no intention on improving repeatedly, or have become toxic for any period of time during your stay, either on IRC or on the forum. You act like a dick or do something stupid, the right to mock you and ban you has already been reserved.

3: Lurk and idle more.

Nervous? Don't know how we interact very well? Come onto the OOC channel on the network and just idle. Pay attention to our behavior, don't be rude, be quiet. Another good idea is to ask one of the members for RP logs, to see how RP is carried out here. We don't bite unless you do first.

4a: During serious discussions, say something meaningful, or say nothing at all.
4b: If it isn't your business and you aren't welcome to discuss it, shut up.

These two go hand in hand. Useless commentary is useless, and things that don't concern you are not open to your opinion. Every one of us as a right to say nothing to you if they don't want you to know about something or don't want your opinion. Don't complain about not being in the loop, either. If it doesn't concern you, ignore it. Making snide remarks about secrecy will not win you any favors either.

That's all I got for now, I'll edit this post as needed to cover anything else I may have missed. I hope you might have learned something by reading this, because we strive for quality in all aspects in our community; in both roleplay AND our members.

Edit: Removed the required phrase because I'm a dumble.
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