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(Unaffiliated) Drexler Feynman

Postby DracoDefender » Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:02 pm

<Accessing Files…>

<Credentials Requested…>

<Credentials Confirmed. Welcome {Unknown User}>

<Accessing Enforcer Files…>

<Enforcer File #377 Requested…>

<Access Granted…>
Name: Drexler M. Feynman D.O.B: September 4th, 1990 Sex: M Blood Type: B+ Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown Height: 5’10” Weight: 197 (Without Cybernetics) 255 (With Cybernetics)


History: Drexler Feynman was abandoned shortly after birth then retrieved by an Enforcer orphanage. He is assumed to be an illegitimate child of two high ranking noble family members. Genetic testing proved to be inconclusive and as such remained in full custody of the enforcer orphanage.

“Humph. Inconclusive my ass. The families hate illegitimate heirs. If a match was found, he would have been killed the next day. The test was rigged from the start to be inconclusive.”
While in the orphanage Drexler made close friends with a fellow orphan named Alma. The two were inseparable. At the age of 10 Alma was taken away and transferred to off-site facility <Redacted>

“Alma… I like that name. I feel like I’ve heard it before. But where would I have? It’s in his head, but I know I heard it before that.” The voice grows silent if it had a body it would be tilting its head and tapping its finger to its chin. “Maybe I should wake up Drexler and ask him about it.” Cera, the name of the voice, started to stimulate Drexler’s mind to awaken him, but stopped suddenly. “No. If I can’t find it by scanning his memories then asking him will provide me with nothing.”

Training for enforcement began at 10. Connections to the other orphans was severed and general training began. This training included hand to hand combat, firearm handling, sabotage, technology usage, etc. Drexler took to all of this with ease and became a top candidate for enforcement. Age 12 marked the beginning of mental conditioning to stunt emotional growth as well as cause him to dehumanize any and all targets while taking orders without question.

“It’s funny all the conditioning they put you through and yet I was able to reverse it. I’ve made you laugh and smile. I’ve made you angry and cry. I’ve made you question orders and see your enemies for what they really are. Human. I’m so sorry for all of that Drexler.” Cera sighs heavily with the weight of all she’s done on her shoulders.

Age 16 Drexler received the first of his cybernetics to increase combat effectiveness. Age 18 Drexler is implanted with the C.E.R.A intelligence using research gained from Project Eris as well as using the neural pathways of <Redacted>

“I remember that day. Being put in your head. I don’t remember much if anything before that. It was overwhelming to experience all these new senses. To see through your eyes. Hear through your ears. When you first spoke, I was scared, but something deep inside told me you would be my closest friend.” Cera pauses in thought then closes all the files she has open “There must be more here there must be something that will provide me with answers. Let me see missions.”

<Accessing Mission Statements…>

<Access Granted>

Mission File #8 Operation Crown Jewel
Mission Objective: Infiltrate Project Eris research facility and retrieve as much information as possible.
Sub-Objective: Non-lethal takedowns only. Casualties to the staff could result in large setbacks in research.
Objective Complete: Drexler successfully infiltrated the research facility and could retrieve data on Project Eris. Research recovered from Project Eris will be used for the creation of the C.E.R.A to use in Drexler.

“I was based off of this Project Eris? What is it anyway?”

<Accessing Files Keyword: Eris>

<Files Found>

Project Eris is the cumulation of years of research to create an AI that is capable of mimicking human life perfectly so much so that if pressed she would be capable of passing the Turing test. When this…
<Error Status Unconfirmed>
<Full Halt Link Terminated>

Cera grunts in frustration. “Seems like they didn’t want anyone to know much about this Project Eris. Either way let’s move on from there to… oh my what is this? Let’s see your specs Drexler.”

<Accessing Files>

<Combat Potential>

<Enforcer File #377> <Classified Security Level: Blue Bass>

Drexler Feynman is a well-versed hand to hand combatant having learned multiple different fighting styles. He has been recorded fighting and winning against 5 combatants when in hand to hand range. Drexler is an expert when it comes to firearms and is considered a high lethality combatant at any range.
Artificial Muscle for increased strength
Sub-dermal armor to deflect small caliber bullets.
Enhanced optic eyesight that allows for sight into the infra-red range
C.E.R.A to allow for a readout of any situation and create the most efficient plan from the given factors.
Enhanced Nervous System to allow for increased reaction time and dull any pain inflicted upon Drexler while allowing for seamless integration with an AI.

Combined with Cera Drexler is a formidable opponent. A typical combat scenario will involve Cera analyzing the opponent that Drexler is facing and giving him a full read out on what they are capable of doing. From there Cera will create a battle plan that is best suited to the tools and environment at the given moment. During the course of combat if the combatant is not taken down quickly Cera will continuously analyze the opponent to reach a level being able to accurately predict any action taken and react accordingly. In short Drexler is the best adaptive fighter thanks in large part to Cera

“So you were planned to have an AI for a while. Now why is that?” Cera ask out loud and moves through more files. “Hello what is this?” She opens a file that reads Request for Transfer.

<Request for Transfer>

<Transfer to Oracle Facility>

<Reason: Upgrades and Off-Record Ops>

<Request for Transfer Approved>

Proposed Upgrades
Nanites infused with body that can cover the user at will and create a suit that increases overall combat effectiveness by tenfold as well as increase overall power of C.E.R.A. The production of Nanites would be held in the bone marrow and be like the process of creating blood cells for the body. The Nanites would also alleviate the need for food and water allowing for months to go by without a form of nutrients. Any damage inflicted upon the body is tended to by the Nanites resulting in an advanced healing factor. There is a special type of Nanites located in the palms and fingers of the suit that can be left surfaces and consume whatever they were left on very like grey goo.
Skeletal Reinforcement. By infusing the skeleton with certain alloys the effect of creating nearly unbreakable bones would be achieved. This reinforced skeleton could handle more weight and allow for increased lethality in hand to hand combat.

“These upgrades. The technology for this isn’t part of any corporation. This Oracle facility must be incredibly advanced to allow for such things. This suit what would it look like?” The files shift and an image with the suit fully formed is pulled up.


“Thin. Lightweight, yet its durable enough to withstand high caliber gunfire and act as an increase in processing power. The Nanites can from most types of clothing and any damage the suit would take would be repaired near instantaneously. Something like this would make Drexler even more capable of an enforcer then he already is.” Cera closes all the files she had opened and sits in silence waiting for Drexler to wake. “Who is Alma and what is this Eris?” The questions spread throughout her data and back again. “Maybe one day I’ll find out, but it won’t today” As she sits and thinks Drexler’s mind pulses rapidly “He’s waking up. I’ll ask him about some of this and maybe we can find more about Eris and Alma.” Drexler’s eyes open reveling his iris to the world. It’s almost human if not for the three small circles surrounding the pupil. “Good morning Cera.” Drexler says in his head “You seemed to have been busy during the night.”

<Recording End>
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Re: (Unaffiliated) Drexler Feynman

Postby Plushy » Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:07 am

Looks pretty alright to me. The tie in with Eris provides a long-term goal, which is always good for a character to have.

I would like to see a bit more on what he's capable of doing, but that's not a requirement.

For now, you have my approval.
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Re: (Unaffiliated) Drexler Feynman

Postby cxl » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:07 am

So, few things...

Firstly, Accepted.
I have no issue with anything here, and we've already gone over most of the points on mumble.
The rest of my post is just to provide some information.

  • The family responsible for the creation of Eris is the same as the one responsible for the Oracle facility - the Kanarangiyan.
  • The Oracle facility doesn't really have a name. In documentation, it's generally referred to as Blacksite 06.
  • Blacksite 06 was one of several research installations set up to study celestial technology following the collapse. Officially, it was shut down in 1986.
  • Any transfer orders that may have gone through, would likely have been issued under the authority of the Kanarangiyan family. Any paper trail would likely lead through a whole lot of nothing, right to nowhere.

But yes, have fun taking orders from the strange voice on the intercom system.
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