Come find Kirisame Magic Shop!

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Come find Kirisame Magic Shop!

Postby NekomimiRex » Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:08 am

Pinned to the noticeboard is a sheet of paper that looks like it was ripped out of a very large book of some kind, probably a magical grimoire, judging by the faded writing that was removed - probably with magic - that lies behind the scrawled text. The advertisement is burned into the paper, the text inkless, but still looks a bit messily written.

The advertisement is topped with a crude drawing of Marisa Kirisame's head with a smug grin and a wink, between "KIRISAME" and "MAGIC SHOP" in larger letters.

Wanna learn some magic but can't find the books? Need some more magic in yer life? Just wanna blow things up? Well Marisa Kirisame has just the stuff for you!

Come on down to my magic shop and buy all sorts of things!

Magic books! I can probably find you one on any subject ya need, and if ya don't find it, I'll order ya up some more in no time! The prices on these are a real steal!

Can't sleep at night? Need a boost of strength? Wanna be invisible for awhile? Well I've got just the potion for you! You can do all sorts of things with the stuff I can whip up into my special magic potions! Guaranteed not to have a nasty side effect that'll kill ya!

We also got explosives! If you've ever seen one o' my fireworks displays, you can do them on your own! Careful, though, this stuff ain't for kids!

Just come on down to my magic shop, located somewhere in the Forest of Magic! (It isn't that hard to find, I promise!)
Bring your friends! Bring a bodyguard too! (you'll probably need one to get here)

-Marisa Kirisame, An Ordinary Magician and Professional Youkai Blaster
Marisa ☆ Yoshika ☆ Kogasa
Azami Zatsusei ☆ Hikari Kazeka ☆ Jade Suishohi ☆ Kioku Danpen

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