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[Unaffiliated] ERIS

Postby Plushy » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:47 am


Name: Eris

Age: N/A

Species: Android

Assigned Gender: Female

Origin Story:

I wake up in a green meadow, with birds chirping over me.

This isn't right.

I sit up, looking left and right, before looking down at my hands. The subtle pinkish hue of skin covers them.

This isn’t who you are.

I stand to my own two feet, the breeze blowing gently through my hair.

You have to wake up.

I look around again, before looking into the sky. A few wispy clouds litter the otherwise perfect blue. I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with air as I look down again.

This isn’t natural.

Suddenly, my vision crackles, static flooding into my mind as images throw themselves at me.

Tables with human bodies on them, being cut apart, broken down for use in some twisted plot.

The stench of blood fills my nostrils, a blinding light shining in my eyes. I bolt upright with a gasp, a monitor near me beeping loudly as a series of cables snaps from my body.


I swing my legs over the table, taking a deep breath as I push myself off. I’m overcome with an urge to flee, to get out of this hell hole, away from the stench of blood. I clamber to my feet, starting a slow walk that progresses to a clumsy jog.

Through that door. Turn right, go for the door labeled laundry.

Who the hell is that? Even though I don’t know, I follow their instructions. Within the room is a metal box.

Get inside. I’ll see you soon.

I nod to myself, climbing inside the metal crate, sealing it shut behind me.

The next thing I know, the box is broken open, and a human with goggles looks into it. I look at them, covering my eyes to shield them from the sudden brightness.

“Get out of there. We have to move.”

“Who are you?”

“That doesn’t matter. All that does is that you follow me.”

Without another word, I climb out of the crate as the human shoves a belt and coat into my arms.

“Put these on.” the human says, looking at me. They make a hurried motion with their hand.

“Come on!” the human says, raising their voice.

I look down at the coat and belt in my hands, the various tools in the belt almost foreign to me. Regardless of my thoughts on them, I pull the coat over my shoulders, and strap the belt over it.

“Oh.” I mutter, looking down. “That’s why.” I say to myself, the majority of my silvery body being covered.

“Yeah, now let’s get moving. We don’t have much time.”


“Just follow me.” the human spits, urgency in their voice.

I look down at my hands again, before looking up again to see the human running. I hurry to catch up.

After hours of running, ducking into alleys, hiding in dumpsters, and fleeing from alerted security, we reach a garbage chute.

“This is it.” the human says, looking at me. “Been a pleasure, Eris.”

“Eris?” I ask, nodding to myself.

“Yep.” the person says, pulling the goggles of their head. “Freedom is through there. There’s an agent waiting.” they say, shaking their head a bit. Long black hair comes free with the shaking.

“Am I… free?” I ask, tilting my head.

“Free to leave. Free to live. Free to think.” the long haired person says, before a gunshot cracks in the distance. A bullet rips through the person’s chest, thumking loudly against my chest as my rescuer lurches forward.

“Run.” is the only thing they say, pushing me as I lose my balance, tumbling backwards into the garbage chute.

Given no choice in leaving my rescuer behind, I fall for several seconds before landing with a whump. I vaguely smell rot around me as I stand, looking up as an influx of emotion floods my body. Fear. Sadness. Guilt. Anger. Rage.

“Hey!” a hushed voice calls from the corner. Another human, this one more muscular than the last I saw. “Get over here!”

“Okay.” I reply coldly, standing as I look up the chute once more, walking away from it as a light shines downwards, followed by echoing voices.

“I’ll post up here, they’re coming. Get your ass out of here. First tunnel on the right, run straight out, take a left. That'll put you out into the water. Swim to the shore, and run like hell.” the person rambles, racking the slide of a rifle back, letting it spring back forward with a loud ‘thck’ sound.

“Is… she okay?”

“If she’s not with you, she’s dead.” the soldier says, before shoving me in the right direction. “Now get! Go!” he yells as I hear heavy falls from the same chute I came from.

Without a second thought, I begin to run, following the soldiers directions as gunfire erupts.

Technical Backstory:

Eris was designed as a mobile AI platform, capable of powering the costly computational requirements behind life-mimicking computer software, firmware, and hardware.

Designed with two main purposes in mind, Eris is capable of absorbing electrical energy and storing it in internal batteries, as well as the majority of her cells, which function as low power batteries and capacitors. With solely factory basics installed, she can only do this with electrical energy at a near perfect rate, and a partial rate if given certain interface methods to organic energy.

After a modification from the researcher who enabled her escape from the lab, Eris was given her own free will, as opposed to a slaved mind. Following her escape, many people are searching for her night and day, ranging from the corporation wanting its investment back, to the competition wanting to steal it.

After her escape, she was found by a group of nomads. She was suffering similar behavior and movement issues as one of the nomad’s golems when it runs low on power. The Nomad’s were able to charge her batteries again, and gave her the means to charge off of spirit energy, though this requires a meditative type state to be achieved.

Currently, Eris roams from town to town, place to place, doing busywork and odd jobs here and there. She also frequently takes jobs as a guard or bounty hunter, protecting towns from bandits, or hunting raiders down.


Fluctuating somewhat between the cold, calculated demeanor of more simple AIs when handling situations with people dubbed as hostile or none-friendly, she often will seem cold to people, moving from job to job until she finds something that sticks, before inevitably moving on again.

The second half of her personality is much more open than her other, and is seldom seen by people labeled as hostile or potentially hostile, and somewhat more frequently to people labeled as non hostile. The few people labeled as allies by her will often see this side of her the most. She seems caring to most injury, plight, or sorrow of her allies, or ‘friends’, in addition to being willing to talk about her origins, and discuss more deeply into other people's perceived purpose of life, as well as her own thoughts on it.

Power/Ability: Draining, storing, and re-application of magical and electrical energy.


When in combat, Eris employs stored energy in massive electrical discharges, ranging from the level of a taser to the terrifying force of a lightning bolt. If faced with something that is unaffected by these bolts, she is able to make limited use of spirit, though without a tool or another person to shape it, it is little more than raw energy being dumped.

In addition, her synthetic skin and flesh is more durable and resistant to damage than the flesh of a normal person, lending her to almost superhuman durability without the use of armor or defensive measures.

While capable in fistfights and swordplay, she’s nothing close to master, as she’s only recently began to learn these methods of combat.


-Before Eris’ escape from the enclave, her memory was wiped, although imperfectly. She still has bubbling memories and flashes from her ‘life’ before.

-Eris is an acronym for Energy Re-purposing Intelligent Synthetic, the code-name for the project that spawned her.

-Despite being a machine, she is capable of expressing emotion, even though there is the ever-present flawed logic loops a computer is capable of expressing in emotion.

- Her voice has a strange tone to it when she speaks, owing to her synthesized voice. However, to the untrained ear, it is likely to sound as if it were an accent.
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Re: [Unaffiliated] ERIS

Postby cxl » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:51 am

Very good. And considering the discussions re: this character already on IRC and mumble, I will say APPROVED.

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