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[Unaffiliated] Matteo Ortega

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Name: Matteo Ortega

Age: 24

Species: Human

Background: Matteo was born in the enclave of Madrid, Spain to well off middle class parents. Matteo had never been one to stand out in a crowd and always wanted to be someone important to the world. His time in school lead to him living a relatively isolated life because he was different compared to everyone else which lead him to want to change himself in the future. To Matteo life inside the enclave was repetitive and felt like a dead end. All he saw was a future that didn’t entertain him which led to spending days reading about the world before the collapse and the Warlands. This interest in the Warlands sparked a strong impulse to explore the world outside the enclaves and would be the first step to a life worth living. Matteo joined the military of the enclave at the age of 18 with the goal of being able to travel outside of the enclave. During his time in the military Matteo trained to be proficient with a rapier because of an extreme dislike for any type of weapon that did not fall within his romantic ideals.

Trips into the Warlands were unique experiences for Matteo. Many of the people and sights he came across were different and strange compared to anything in the enclave. He always imagined leaving his home behind and joining the Nomads or some other group of travelers to allow himself a second chance at life. Maybe even make a name for himself and hopefully be accepted by others. During a longer excursion into the Warlands a spirit storm hit separating Matteo from the rest of the squad he was a part of. Once the storm had passed Matteo was found by a small group of travelers who took him in and helped him survive.

This group of survivors in the Warlands taught Matteo about everyday life. The months spent with them opened up his mind to the true nature of the world causing Matteo to believe that he desperately needed a chance to fix the mistakes of his life. Asking questions to the group led to them revealing knowledge of ruins believed to be thousands of years old that if found would give anyone a chance to redo their life. Armed with this knowledge and the tools to survive in the Warlands Matteo set out to find these ruins, however Matteo was inexperienced and soon found himself blindly wandering the Warlands with dwindling supplies and dangerous creatures about. After a few days of travel Matteo was ambushed by a pack of spirit golems. These were more than Matteo was capable of dealing with so he ran and tried finding somewhere to hide from the spirit golems. During this chase he fell into a pit in the ground. The opening in the ground was an entrance to ruins that may or may not have been the ones that Matteo was searching for.

Hurt, but alive Matteo began to explore the underground ruins which inspired awe in him. All along its walls were carvings in a language he couldn’t understand, but there were also ancient murals upon the walls describing a process. People would approach a large stone monolith and stare at a symbol engraved upon it. Some would fall back and die while others seemed to be reborn being different from their original selves. After looking over the murals and symbols for many hours Matteo came upon a large domed room with more murals depicting the process seen from earlier. In the middle of this large room, which seemed to be a room for ceremonies or rituals, was a large stone monolith shaped like a pillar that was smooth and blank except for one single symbol chiseled into it. Matteo approached the monolith and ran his hand upon it before taking a close look at the symbol. This symbol looked to be a circle with another smaller circle inside at the top. A line came down from the inner circle that touched the bottom of the larger one and the two spaces created from the division from the line contained a head and a head broken open. Matteo took a closer look at the symbol wishing to sketch it and see if he could find anyone who knew about the symbol. That was until strange whispers begin to fill his head changing into loud incomprehensible screaming. The noise caused Matteo’s head to pound in excruciating pain making him fall to his knees. For a few seconds it seemed like the voices weren’t going to end their assault and his head would split open, then suddenly peaceful silence returned. Matteo wasn’t able to enjoy the silence for long as shortly after he was rendered unconscious.

Matteo woke up later in a camp of roaming survivors. It was explained to him he was found unconscious in the Warlands and the survivors picked him up. During this explanation the pack of spirit golems Matteo was able to outrun before he found the ruins came and attacked him and the group. Wishing to pay back the kindness of the survivors Matteo leapt in to help the survivors fight back. Even with the help of others the pack was still too strong and Matteo was fighting an uphill battle. One of the spirit golems pounced onto Matteo and knocked the rapier out of his hand and moved in for the kill. The adrenaline and desire to live was the catalyst for allowing Matteo to summon a humanoid creature from nowhere to defend him. The creature he summoned attacked and killed the pack of spirit golems. Because this power was gained after his encounter with the monolith within the ruins Matteo decided to name the creature a Monolith and gave his the name of Nirvana because of the peace of mind it gave him. The survivors were thankful and lead Matteo back to the enclave of Madrid, but now he had changed and in a way was reborn on that day.

This experience is what caused Matteo to permanently leave the Enclave of Madrid and search the Warlands for more ruins like the one he found hoping to learn more about the symbol he saw and who the makers of it were. 5 years have passed since Matteo has gained his Monolith and has traveled across Europe where he currently resides in Brussels.

Personality: Matteo is calm and cool through all but the most intense of situations. It takes a lot for something to faze him and even then he collects himself quickly and returns to his calmer state of mind. Most of the time he’s also respectful and polite to all, but anyone who acts superior without having proved it irritates him and will wish to challenge them to a fight to see if they are worthy of acting in such a way. Matteo loves challenges and is quick to appreciate the strength of someone else. Mateo also has an easy time relating to and understanding people after his years of travel appearing to be very charismatic and persuasive, but also comes across as humble. Matteo has a romanticized view of the world but can suspend that belief if it would distract him from a task at hand. He is also very efficient at a single task but has some difficulty trying to tackle multiple task at once.

Relationships: N/A


Monolith: Monoliths are best defined as manifestations of one’s mental energy that anyone with a Monolith or sufficient magical or mental energy can see. A Monolith can only be obtained if one has the right mental conditions and views a monolith evoking symbol. Some may be too strong so that they resist the effect of the Monolith symbol and some may be too weak and die from the process of gaining a Monolith. Each Monolith is different in appearance and power ranging from human looking ones to some that could take the shape of objects and everything in between. Monoliths also vary in power which correlates to their size. Smaller Monoliths have a larger range to control them from but are also weaker by comparison. Larger Monoliths have a smaller range but are stronger. Damage inflicted upon a Monolith is inflicted back upon its user in the appropriate area. Monoliths made up of many small Monoliths are exempt from this rule. One can also access the senses of their Monolith to see or hear what the Monolith would. Fighting with a Monolith is mentally exhausting but someone who is more experienced with a Monolith is able to keep it out and fight with it longer. Any abilities that must be activated also put a toll on the user. A person who has exhausted their mental energies is unable to keep their Monolith out any longer and must dematerialize it. There are also autonomous Monoliths that can operate at any range and require very little mental energy to keep up, but the user is unaware of what is happening to the Monolith. A Monolith is first manifested under extreme conditions after the user looks upon a Monolith evoking symbol. After that the user can call them forth at any time and any powers that the Monolith have are known to the user upon the first manifestation. Monoliths can grow stronger over time such as being able to manifest for longer periods of time or activate their abilities more often.

Monolith Name: Nirvana

Appearance: Nirvana is a Humanoid Monolith standing 6ft tall and with a muscular body. Its body looks as if it were made of jet or obsidian with gold decals running from toes to neck. The head of Nirvana is smooth and has no eyes, mouth, ears, nose, or hair. On its face is a smiley face with x’s for eyes and a squiggly smile with a tongue poking out the side. It has gold fingerless studded gloves and gold boots with hard metal covering the toes of the boots. It also wears a belt with a symbol for peace on it colored gold and black.

Powers: Nirvana is a short range Monolith with a max range of 3 meters. It’s an incredibly strong and able to deliver hundreds of punches in the span of just a few seconds easily being able to pulverize a car in just a few moments. Its speed would also allow it to catch bullets fired at the user at near point blank range. It could catch bullets fired at the user if it was focused on catching them. With Nirvana Matteo is able to levitate small distances by having his Monolith pull him around by pushing at the edge of his manifestation range. Its eyesight is also incredible allowing it to see things such things as flies from 50 meters away with great detail or catch a bullet fired from a gun. The maximum amount of time Nirvana can be kept out for is 15 minutes without activation any abilities. 3 minutes if All Apologies is activated and 10 minutes with continuous use of Come As You Are. Matteo can partially manifest parts of Nirvana and even overlay them with his own body to enable himself to preform feats beyond that of a normal human. Nirvana is also more durable then a normal human but not indestructible.

All Apologies: Nirvana is capable of rewinding time by six seconds in a 50 meter radius around him. The area is restored to what it was like six seconds ago including people. Memories are kept but anyone who is unable to see monoliths will experience a strong feeling of déjà vu. This ability is extremely draining upon the user and can only be used once a day.

Come As You Are: Nirvana and the user can predict the movements of a person or object and creates a phantom representation of the target in the position that Nirvana predicts. Nirvana can then interact with the phantom. Any actions inflicted upon the phantom are reflected upon the person/object when it lines up. This ability can be kept on but will cause the user to exhaust at a faster rate.

Rapier: A custom made rapier formed from durable alloys so it is light weight yet strong. Matteo is proficient with a Rapier and is capable of holding his own against fighters of a similar strength to him without his Monolith.


Matteo received the armor he wears from the survivors that had rescued him in the Warlands the day he received his Monolith.

Matteo’s nickname is Alacran which is Spanish for Scorpion. This was given to him in his time in the military due to his proficiency with the rapier.
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