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Danvern's Community Application

Postby Danvern » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:21 am

How did you come discover Edge of Perspective?
I discovered Edge of Perspective due to Plushy telling me about it.

What experience (if any) do you have with roleplay?
While my experience with actual online roleplay proper is rather slim, with my only other instance having involved more observation than actual interaction at the moment, I do have experience in creative writing of a sort. Writing short stories, chapters of novel concepts, and general experimentation were the kinds of things I have done before - usually within the context of a small group of like minded friends bouncing ideas off each other and generally having fun. Despite this, I have done research on the kind of pitfalls to avoid in this environment, and despite relative inexperience with the subject am generally proven both to be quick to learn and very receptive to criticism. I am quite patient and am very eager to see what can be learned from this, and given the experience showcased by reading through the forums, hope to fix that problem of relative inexperience should I get in.

What kinds of characters tend to be your favorite? Why?
Primarily characters with strong motivations and conflicted morals are generally the most interesting to me, more so if such motivations are dynamic and change over time due to the accumulation of new knowledge or experiences. What I find more interesting however, is when these qualities are hidden under a layer of perceived qualities due to social conditions, experiences, or some other factor as well as well as tie into each other in terms of progression. To explain that horribly contrived statement, allow me a dash of explanation:
Most of the important enough to develop characters (and also populations and groups as a whole) usually have some underlying personal goals which are due to personality development during formative years. These goals usually remain constant, but specific stimuli may force a change either out of fear, loyalty, or some other strong emotion. In the case of one of my former characters, they were born into an era of conflict between their species and another, yet due to their generally sheltered life and exposure to many facets of their environment, developed a fierce curiosity, always bounding about in a rush of excitement to get to the next new discovery even if the last one was less than a few minutes ago. When such opportunities were exhausted, they learned the value of depth in addition to breadth, sitting down to appreciate the development of things, watching them grow, change, and evolve just as they had. But of course the rampant curiosity did not disappear, and soon even these were being picked apart for knowledge via the application of a scientific discipline of magic. Of course this would naturally lend itself to a good sense of understanding in their studies, but alas said character is still working on their ability to stay on the same line of thought for enough time to actually conclude it.
At this point for me this would count as one, "motivation." Here would be the desire for knowledge if distilled to basic form, but it also includes the qualities of wanting it fast, but also wishing to understand it fully enough to manipulate it with a good degree of understanding. Note the conflict of the latter two qualities; if one wishes to learn thoroughly they must take time, yet this one wishes to do exactly that without such time - giving opportunity for justifications of more interesting paths besides "straight intellectual" or "skool skipping skod" - which are by no means bad - just less interesting than a mixture.
The second part involves layering on restrictions - or the aforementioned sense of conflict. Take this for example:
The war between the two factions intensifies, and the character starts to increasingly feel the pressure of a population being morally prepared for conflict. They may start to feel a bit of a clamp upon their carefree exploration as routes are closed down due to safety issues, or certain items of foreign origin are confiscated. Propaganda could be printed and false research reported as a way for rally the populace and demoralize the enemy. If said character were confined to mostly their region with little contact outside of objects with the opposing region, this kind of escalation might go rather straightforward. But what would be more interesting is if said character had personal contact, albeit limit, with someone from the other side and given their natural curiosity, wished to learn more but found it difficult and now impossible to do so. So now the character is trained to think of them as the enemy, is conscripted to utilize their knowledge for the benefit of the nation, and assuming a lack of will to rebel (more opportunity to implement this kind of thinking) now has both the concepts of factional allegiance mixed with slight reluctance but countered by respect for others who are more solidly aligned, with the natural boundless curiosity they started with.
This to me is what makes me like a character - this was a rather basic example with only two principles, but extending this to more aspects and layering them in less generic ways definitely makes the system stand more so on its own. Other than that, I enjoy characters who are knowledgeable about the workings of the world, but still have much room to learn. Styles of solving problems, whether they be militant or civil in nature, that utilize ways other that brute force or blobs of [insert element here] applied to the enemy allow for so many more interesting ways of interaction for me rather than standard, if more practical abilities. Strong imbalances in personality or power distribution make me think much more about character reactions than jacks-of-all trades. So in general I guess I could say the characters who tend to be my favorites are the outliers.

Which (if any) faction do you think you want your character to be part of? We will work to get the responsible person in contact with you!
The Hands of Urquest sounds interesting, but at the same time I am not at all sure whether the idea I had would even fit. If there is a good way to resolve this I would be happy to pursue it.

Do you understand that this community is intended to be of a respectable quality?
I do indeed understand the level of respect commanded by the community and intend to stay within its limits.

As an individual, what do you intend to bring to the Roleplaying experience?
Probably an odd first mention, but it would be interesting to try illustrating some of the scenes which occur, just for practice - and if anyone wants something sketched. To the real things, I plan to an injection of new ideas and technique suggestions, as well as possibly new perspectives presented in a logical, civil and calm manner. Through combination of past and present experience, I wish to bring a healthy dose of instability as a newcomer to the scene - but also help forge the resulting mixture into an alloy stronger than what either could be alone.
Also I bring fat-free lard.

Any information, past experiences, qualifications, notes, etc:
Most of my accomplishments are connected to my real life things in the zone of real life. Though I can safely say I draw a bit, program a bit, and may or may not organize things for other people a bit.
My current setting with the most work done came after a terrible fantasy one, and a grand but rushed science fiction one, and now is a weird (but according to friends: exponentially better) fantasy one with a foothold in actual physics/biology/etc for the basis of its systems and a generally heavier theme than the other two (not edgier necessarily, just better implementation of RL issues in theoretical context).

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