[The Hands of Urqest] Gwynevere Profeta

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[The Hands of Urqest] Gwynevere Profeta

Postby DracoDefender » Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:27 am


Name: Gwynevere Profeta
Race: Human
Age: 22

History: Gwynevere was born in Rome to Florence and Giorno Profeta, two of the most powerful politicians in Rome. Growing up Gwynevere was privately tutored away from most other children and instead learned to conduct herself as high-class adults would meaning she never really understood most people her age. During her teenage years there was a large amount of civil unrest within the Roman Enclave which cumulated in a failed revolt against the upper class of the enclave. Before the revolt was quelled, however she saw the desperation of the lower-class thus leaving within her an impression that the people of each enclave need to be reunited and the world as a whole needs to be repaired.

These experiences also caused her to begin to fight against her parents. Where before she would be willing to accept anything they say now she questioned it all and became something of a hero to the people when she would give gifts of food and clothing to those in unfortunate predicaments. This disconnect between herself and her parents would lead to the gravest mistake of Gwynevere’s life.

On the day her mother, Florence, was scheduled to give a speech to the general public a letter arrived for Florence. It was passed into Gwynevere’s possession, but do to her dislike of her parents she refused to give it to her mother. The letter was a warning from a third party that an assassination was planned against Florence. The speech commenced and it was proceeding as planned until a man came from behind Florence and killed her through unknown means.

In actuality the man had used a Monolith and belonged to a large underground group known as The Freepeople’s Conclave a group dedicated to bringing down the enclaves and giving humanity a second chance to grow free of the constrictions thrust upon them by society. After her mother died Gwynevere was given her mother’s choker that not only had sentimental value to her, but also had a deep secret.

The choker was the god vessel of the Roman god Janus. Florence was a member of The Hands and on top of that a witch. These revelations changed everything Gwynevere thought about her parents. With his current Hand dead Janus sought out another to make a contract and learned of the daughter of Florence. Janus then explained everything he knew about The Hands and how he had originally been contracted to Florence’s mother before being passed down from her to Florence and now Florence to Gwynevere.

This knowledge made Gwynevere wish to take on her mother’s life mission and by extensions The Hand’s to help undue The Collapse. Gwynevere left Rome after making a contract with Janus. During her year of travel from her time of contracting until now she has learned not only about Janus, and The Hands she has also learned her mother being a witch and has traveled down that path as well.

Janus has existed for thousands of years even before the Romans worshipped him, however it was the time of the Romans that intrigued Janus the most. It was there he had actually met the ancestor to Gwynevere. This woman wished to become the first female Rex Sacrorum and this was never thought of during the ancient Roman times. The idea of such a change pleased him and descended upon the Romans to decree that this woman should be allowed as Rex Sacrorum. Heading the words of their god the Romans followed through with such a decree and allowed the woman to become a Rex Sacrorum.

To Janus the bloodline of this woman was about change and kept a line upon the bloodline even after The Collapse. After the Collapse and during the creation of The Hands Janus was contacted and told about the plan of The Hands to reverse The Collapse. Needing a human to help carry out this plan he found the most recent decedent of the ancient Roman woman that caused him to take notice all those years ago. The woman, the mother of Florence, was the perfect choice to help bring change to the world and made a contract with her. On the day of her death the choker which is the god vessel of Janus was passed down to Florence and just like before with Florence’s death it was passed to Gwynevere.

Now that Gwynevere and Janus have contracted their combined mission of reverting the effects of The Collapse has caused them to travel from Rome to other parts of Europe then to Venice to help fight against The Freepeople’s Conclave.

Gwynevere’s Personality: Since a young age Gwynevere had grown up around adults, but was never treated as one thus causing her to have a dislike toward acting like an adult. She tends to act younger then she actually is to distance herself from adulthood, however this doesn’t mean she is stupid. Gwynevere is very intelligent more than most people but hides it behind the childish guise. Her emotions go from one extreme to the next but they don’t last very long meaning she’ll be angry for a short time before going back to her normal childish act. Gwynevere does become very serious if anyone disrespects her parents in anyway.

Janus’ Personality: Having existed for thousands and thousands of years Janus comes off as a sage that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Or big stuff for that matter. Janus’ mannerisms almost come off as an English gentlemen’s and is the counter balance to Gwynevere’s rapid mode shifts. Janus is respectful even to those who are rude to him and always tries to find a non-violent solution to a dilemma, however with Gwynevere this isn’t always the case.

Relationships: Gwynevere has had a very good relationship with her father ever since the death of her mother. The two get along nicely and Giorno uses his position as one of the most powerful politicians in Rome to secure and pass on any information that might be useful in Gwynevere’s mission.

Janus/Gwynevere: They get along quite nicely and are a great balance to one another. After having met not long after the death of Florence Janus was able to see a side of Gwynevere that many never see and immediate formed a close friendship with her since they both had just lost someone they were close to.

Powers: As the avatar to a god of space/time Gwynevere has learned many different ways to use the powers given to her by Janus. First and foremost, she is able to open portals to connect vast distances. The upper limit is unknown and there is probably none, but Gwynevere has not learned how to travel to places she has not seen before in some capacity. Gwynevere can also open a doorway to a pocket dimension to store items that she can recall at any time anywhere or even travel to the pocket dimension herself. Another ability is for Gwynevere to call forth a Janus Key. A Janus Key can open any lock even if it were an electric lock. Offensively Gwynevere has learned numerous applications for her abilities. By causing a downward pull on a certain area of space she can cause that area and anyone in it to experience increased g-force up to 10gs. She is also capable of creating small palmed sized portals that can be through a small distance. These portals are not large enough or stable enough to allow for proper travel through them. Instead if one was to be hit by such a portal their atoms would be ripped off of them causing extreme pain and other injuries. Gwynevere can also cause a point of space to never come into contact with another point allowing herself to be immune to most physical damage.
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Re: [The Hands of Urqest] Gwynevere Profeta

Postby Firefluff » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:57 am


Accepted, if no one else has any objections?

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