[Urumqi Military] Shenqian Shui

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[Urumqi Military] Shenqian Shui

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Name: Shenqian Shui

Species: Human

Age: 33

History: Shenqian Shui was born to low class parents and an older sister named Mingxia. The two siblings had a close friendship starting from childhood, but they all lived in constant fear of the attacks from the spirit golems at the edge of the city. The military of Urumqi was a constant presence around the twins as soldiers protected those on the edge of the city. All the time the twins would watch the fights between the soldiers and the spirit golems and be in aw, until one day they wandered too close and found themselves being attacked by the spirit golems.

One particular soldier saw the children and intervened to protect them. It was an even match, but to truly protect the children from the beast the soldier had to sacrifice himself to kill the monster. As the soldier lay dying he gave his sword to Mingxia and his gauntlets to Shenqian then passed on. That moment was engraved into the minds of the siblings and was the moment they decided to join the Urumqi military to pay back the debt their savior. Years passed and the brother sister duo became some of the best soldiers to ever grace the Urumqi military.

Then came another fateful day in the life of Shenqian and Mingxia. The time came for them to seal a spirit golem into their weapons to move up in the military. Shenqian was the first to go on the mission and the spirit golem he had was an angel that became a spirit golem. The two were confident in their ability to fell the best and took to the mission eagerly. What was unknown to everyone was that this angel had been a power angel and thus far stronger than anyone anticipated. This threw the entire mission into disarray and put the siblings at a major disadvantage. The fight was uphill the entire time and it became apparent that they wouldn't be able to weaken the ange enough to seal it properly. Mingxia, knowing that only an attack of sufficient strength would weaken the angel enough, sacrificed herself to weaken it. Shenqian became distraught over his sister sacrificing herself and sealed the beast inside his gauntlets, but also sealed his sister’s spirit in them as well.

The rage and improper sealing caused him to unleash the full might of the angels power and manifested an angelic armor before rampaging through the lands. It took the combined might of most of the military and Shuyin using his full manifestation to bring Shenqian back to his senses. He woke up in the hospital weeks later and found the gauntlets fused to his skin as a result of all the energy that was unleashed during his rampage. Shuyin was the only one at his side when he woke up and explained what happened to him after the sealing. Shenqian was offered a choice. Become Shuyin’s right hand man from that point forward and the rampage would be forgiven or Shenqian would have his body destroyed and his soul sealed into his gauntlets and thrown away forever.

The choice was easy and Shenqian became Shuyin’s second-in-command. It wasn’t long after waking up in the hospital that Shenqian found out that his sister didn’t really die that day. Her soul became part of the seal after the rampage and lived on in his weapons. The sword that was given to her by the nameless soldier is now worn by Shenqian as a reminder of that day and his duty to protect everyone from harm.

Personality: Shenqian can best be described as lazy. Despite his good heart and the constant nagging from his sister and Shuyin he always gets away with doing as little as possible. But this is to hide the pain he still feels for letting his sister die all those years ago. When it comes to the safety of his friends or students Shenqian will do everything possible to protect them.

Relationship: Shuyin is Shenqian’s greatest friend and commanding officer. Despite always providing bumps for Shuyin the two have become inseparable. Shenqian would be willing to die for Shuyin and vice-versa. When Shuyin needs Shenqian most he always comes through and the two fight like the best team since Shenqian and his sister.

Mingxia lost her body the day she helped Shenqian seal the angel into his gauntlets, but that hasn’t stopped her from sticking around with her brother. Where Shenqian is lazy Mingxia is a hard worker and she always pesters Shenqian about working harder. Even though she always gets on him about stuff she truly loves her brother and always makes sure he is safe at the end of the day.

Weapons: Mingxia’s Blessing are gauntlets that have been used to seal an angel of power turned spirit golem into them along with Shenqian’s sister. In their normal state they provide the user with increased strength, speed, and the ability to generate shockwaves. When he needs to Shenqian can call upon the full power of the angel inside the gauntlets and manifest an armor and wings to cover his body. When in this form his strength skyrockets allowing combat with some of the larger spirit golems with ease. The wings of the suit are nigh indestructible and can be used to shield himself or anything else.

Armored Form


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