(Hanseatic League) Kruziik Jun

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(Hanseatic League) Kruziik Jun

Postby DracoDefender » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:11 am

History: Kruziik Jun is a roughly 3,000 year old dragon that lived and controlled a large swath of Northern Europe. He ravaged the lands he considered his, pillaging and destroying as he saw fit. For 1,000 there was none to oppose him, that was until a powerful magician came to defend the lands from Kruziik. To Kruziik such a fight should have been trivial even meaningless to him, but this proved to not be the case.
The battle was fought for days and both combatants gave it their all, but in the end Kruziik was defeated. This blow to his pride was immense since none had bested him before and he swore to better himself in both body and mind to prevent such a loss again. To him magic was this new concept that proved to be powerful enough to even bring him down so Kruziik decided to ask the magician to teach him.
The magician agreed and for the next 500 years Kruziik learned all that he could. The teaching was cut off, however due to a disagreement between Kruziik and the Magician leading to the departure of the student. The next 1,500 years were spent hiring, persuading or intimidating various other magicians to teach him various things he could not learn himself. There did come a time when the magicians were no longer needed and Kruziik learned enough to continue his studies in solitude and gained a more focused approach to magic specifically specializing in mirrors and reflections.
When the time of the Collapse happened Kruziik retreated from the world entirely and did not reappear for 57 years. When he did the world he knew was changed for the worst, but he also saw this as an opportunity to gain the position he had 2,000 years as the undisputed lord of his lands. He traversed the world and came upon a city controlled by the Hanseatic League. In the 18 years since entering the city Kruziik has climbed the political ladder to become one of the most powerful political figures in the city and a known name across all the Hanseatic League. This is not enough for Kruziik he wishes to become one of the Elders of the Hanseatic League and maybe even something further beyond that.

Personality: Kruziik has always been a prideful creature and with age and power that pride has only increased. He views himself as a strong being, but after his defeat at the hands of his teacher Kruziik has always been cautious about underestimating others. He is never one to jump into a situation without having a good idea of what it entails and will always try to have the upperhand at every moment. If unable to get the upperhand he will play a situation as best he can to benefit as much as he can. Some of the tools to win the situations come in the form of being incredibly persuasive, friendly, and charismatic. Kruziik sees others as tools to further his own means, but ironically he is also very true to his word and when a promise is made to someone he will keep it. So long as he benefits from it as well, however the benefits do not have to be immediate. The long life span of a dragon allows him the ability to have a plan come to fruition much later than expected.

Powers: Due to the innately magical nature of dragons and being taught by various mages including his original teacher who was unfathomably powerful Kruziik has become an incredibly powerful mage in his own right. He specializes in magics having to do with mirrors, reflection and illusions. Various examples include creating a reflection of his opponent to fight for him. This is an illusion, but it is an extremely vivid one. The same can be done with weapons, but Kruziik does know how to conjure actual weapons from various symbols that have been transcribed by him. He can also reflect various spells back to their point of origin and just as much force as they were cast with. Something of note is that Kruziik has multiple forms that are not just illusions. He physically changes form between various humans and his original dragon form.
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Re: (Hanseatic League) Kruziik Jun

Postby cxl » Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:50 am

Everything seems in order here.

Between the app and discussions on mumble, I'll call this one Accepted.
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