EoP is dead.

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EoP is dead.

Postby cxl » Thu May 23, 2019 7:49 pm


Long live EoP!

Best job I ever had. I'm likely drinking myself into an early grave because of this website, and I would have it no other way! However it's long past obvious, even to the oblivious, that activity around here is no longer up to snuff, which is why myself, in association with the administrators, are pleased to announce the following announcement. Watch out for it, it's gonna by real fast and this is a one time exclusive offer.

Buy now. Buy tat.

In light of the clusterfuck that is the current $ALL_SCHEDULES the following protocols are to be implemented promptly and at once!
  • The present and indefinite formal freezing of all active RP. What does this mean? It means nothing. People are still free to and encouraged to do stuff if they want to, though with the following caveats, gotchas, and fine print: (1) No major setting events will be processed until the community's schedules are in better order. (2) Setting use is unrestricted - EoP is, until future notice, a platform for EoP people. Use the setting. Make your own. Do whatever the fuck you like. (3) The shared understanding is taken that our priority right now is to seek a confluence of schedules, and that all other concerns are secondary.
  • All EoP members are allowed and urged to make use of all the services for whatever the fuck you like. Go hog wild, because it's just us here and it doesn't matter.
  • Nobody is to do anything I wouldn't do. Doing things that I would do is also encouraged. Booze and AK-47s for everyone!

Here's to another decade of idleness, fluctuating levels of frustration, and doing stupid things with excessive enthusiasm because we can.
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